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My Thoughts Exactly

Welcome to a riveting section of the Global Indian Podcast. Join us as we engage in compelling conversations with whistleblowers, activists, and fearless journalists who fearlessly tackle the conversations that mainstream media often shies away from. Together, we unveil the hidden truths and shed light on important issues. Take advantage of these eye-opening episodes. Listen now and participate in the conversations that truly matter on “My Thoughts Exactly.”


Tune into an episode with Rahul and Soni Saraswat, the grieving parents of Kintan Saraswat, a vibrant 12-year-old whose dreams were brutally extinguished by school bullying. Amidst the corridors of a Delhi government school, Kintan’s existence was marred by torment and medical neglect, a nightmare that ultimately claimed his life. Yet, in the face of their unspeakable loss, the Saraswat family found themselves abandoned by the silence of school authorities, betrayed by the very guardians entrusted with their child’s safety.

MAR 20, 2024 : 35

Guy Joseph, the Global Indian Ambassador in Saint Lucia, a former Minister and member of the Opposition party, delivers a stark portrayal of post-pandemic Saint Lucia, which is starkly different from its former self. It’s a narrative of unsettling change, one that resonates with the echoes of fear and discord.

FEB 07, 2024 : 45

Rajan Nazran meets seasoned journalist Dale Elliott, who lays bare the nation’s struggle with corruption and a leadership that conveniently looks the other way. Unveiling the harsh reality, he challenges the illusions surrounding Saint Lucia, exposing a leadership more focused on filling their pockets than fostering transparency or accountability.

DEC 20, 2023 : 42

Saqib shares his journey through the gritty underworld of 1990s UK—a time marked by gun crime, drugs, and gang warfare. He candidly unfolds the chapters of his life, delving into the allure of credit card fraud. In the midst of this gripping narrative, Saqib Mumtaz offers a unique perspective, suggesting that, ironically, some governments, often seen as extremists, can themselves be labelled as criminals.

DEC 06, 2023 : 38

This week, on the “My Thoughts Exactly” segment of the Global Indian Podcast, Rajan Nazran welcomes Kavita Srivastava, an Indian Human Rights activist, to share her insights on the concealed facets of India that often escape our conversations. She delves into the unsettling realities of the current government’s hypocrisy, casting a spotlight on how its brand of Hindu nationalism threatens to tear apart the social fabric of the nation…

SEP 20, 2023 : 42

Manvendra Singh takes us back to the era of his great-grandfather, the Maharaja (King) of Rajpipla, who voluntarily relinquished his kingdom to the Union of India after gaining independence from the British. He generously donated numerous public properties developed during his reign to the government under the condition that they be maintained and exclusively used for public recreation.

SEP 13, 2023 : 24

Rajan and Jyotsna embark on an in-depth exploration of the pressing issues that mainstream media consistently overlooks. They shed light on the ongoing Wrestlers’ protest and the political unrest in Manipur, highlighting the stark lack of attention and coverage they receive. As they delve deeper, they uncover the underlying power dynamics that dictate which information is filtered and disseminated, leaving crucial stories untold.

JUN 28, 2023 : 28

Dive into the depths of knowledge as Pradeep sheds light on the captivating world of deep-sea mining, unravelling the enigmatic regime that governs it and an enthralling case study that unveils the hidden treasures of the ocean floor, all in the pursuit of unlocking the remarkable common heritage of humankind.

JUN 07, 2023 : 26

Tune into the latest episode of the Global Indian Podcast, where Chief Explorer Rajan Nazran engages in a captivating one-on-one conversation with Grattan Puxton—an inspiring Roma activist and esteemed Global Indian Ambassador to the Romani community.

MAY 24, 2023 : 32

Monique has taken a stand and started her own Independent Journalism Platform, driven by her deep love for Canada and its values of beauty and freedom. However, she has witnessed a troubling degradation in the country’s administration and rule, leading to a loss of trust and hope. Through her experiences, she sheds light on the fear and anger simmering beneath the surface, seeking an outlet for expression.

FEB 08, 2023 : 34

In this captivating episode of the Global Indian Podcast, Chief Explorer Rajan Nazran converses with Colin Maximin, offering us a glimpse into the intricate world of journalism. They delve into the ethical dilemmas journalists face and the multi-layered nature of their work.

DEC 21, 2022 : 33

Among the nation’s allures, the Philippines grapples with a distressing issue that has garnered global attention – child abuse. With the advent of the internet, the country has unwittingly become a hub for illicit trade involving the exploitation of children. Rajan Nazran gives us a glimpse of this dark side of the Philippines in this episode, shedding light on its challenges and highlighting the remarkable work of Father Shay Cullen and the PREDA Foundation.

DEC 14, 2022 : 32

In this episode, Rajan Nazran addresses the daunting challenges confronting the UK, shedding light on valuable insights shared by Prabhakar Kaza, the esteemed CEO of Hamilton Reserve Bank. Prabhakar discusses corruption, the Commonwealth, his career, and the unique challenges that persist within the community.

DEC 07, 2022 : 47

In recent years, the beautiful country of Saint Lucia has witnessed a dramatic rise in gang-related violence, with weapons of death, including submachine guns, being wielded by those marginalised by a lack of socio-economic progress. St Lucia is home to over 20,000 Global Indians, many of whom live in Vieux Fort – an area that has seen a dramatic rise in gang war.

NOV 30, 2022 : 41

Join Rajan Nazran as he explores the dark reality of money laundering and passports, shedding light on the tactics employed, their societal impact, and Kenneth Rijock’s pivotal role in exposing these criminal practices.

NOV 02, 2022 : 32

In this compelling episode, Rajan Nazran is joined by Vic Motune, News Editor of The Voice, to unravel the intricacies of identity in the UK and the profound impact of politicians on shaping national narratives. Together, they shed light on the interplay between diverse cultural backgrounds and political aspirations, redefining the essence of being British.

OCT 26, 2022 : 45

In this episode, Rajan Nazran takes a look into the situation within Greece, shedding light on the immigrant experiences and exploring the rise of the far-right movement. Joining him is Petros Constantinou, an impassioned activist advocating for immigrant rights in Greece.

OCT 05, 2022 : 46

Leicester, a city renowned for its vibrant multicultural fabric, has recently experienced a disturbing surge in violence that threatens to overshadow its proud legacy of harmonious coexistence. In this gripping episode, Rajan Nazran embarks on an insightful journey with esteemed journalists Hardeep Singh and Zed Sheikh to delve deep into the underlying causes of this troubling unrest and explore the path towards unity and understanding.

SEP 28, 2022 : 45

The discussion begins with Palminder sharing his journey of immigrating to Canada and the challenges he faced while adapting to a new culture. He emphasises the importance of freedom and how it differs in the Indian and Canadian contexts.

AUG 03, 2022 : 46

Immerse yourself in a thought-provoking conversation between Rajan Nazran and Dr Kirk Meighoo as they explore the intriguing concept of holding three citizenships and its profound impact on identity.

MAY 18, 2022 : 51

The Caribbean is a fascinating place to explore as it opens new doors to every island. Embark on an intriguing exploration of the Caribbean as Chief Explorer Rajan Nazran and Vanessa Winston uncover the captivating secrets of Dominica in this comprehensive podcast discussion.

MAY 11, 2022 : 44

Amidst the grandeur of Queen Elizabeth’s 70th Jubilee, an unexpected narrative of anger, resentment, and an official apology emerges, tarnishing modern-day Britain. As demands for reparations echo across the Caribbean, questions arise about a foreign monarch’s influence on the region’s collective identity and whether it truly holds significance.

APR 27, 2022 : 64

The Nationality and Borders Bill has sparked numerous questions and concerns in the UK, with some perceiving it as creating a hierarchy of citizenship and undermining the essence of identity. In the latest podcast, host Rajan Nazran engages with Gurpreet Singh Johal, an immigration solicitor, who delves into the impact of the new rules on identity.

DEC 15, 2021 : 44

For this episode, Rajan Nazran had the privilege of engaging in an insightful conversation with Narendh Ganesh, our esteemed South Africa Global Indian Correspondent, to delve into the details of these unsettling occurrences and to explore the essential question of what steps the affected community must take moving forward.

NOV 24, 2021 : 27

Join us as we listen to Sandeep’s firsthand account of the farmers’ protest, the challenges they face, and their unwavering determination to secure a better future for generations to come. This conversation will leave you with a deeper understanding of the power of people united and the resilience of the human spirit in the face of adversity.

OCT 13, 2021 : 40

Prepare for an eye-opening discussion touching your heart and inspiring deeper understanding. Join us as Rajan Nazran and Hardeep Singh uncover the realities faced by Afghanistan’s minority groups and contemplate the collective responsibility to uphold human rights and promote equality for the entire human race. Stay tuned for this compelling and essential conversation.

AUG 25, 2021 : 41

In this podcast, Neelofar delves into the ongoing riots in South Africa, addressing their devastating impact on society’s harmony. She passionately expresses her dissatisfaction with the situation and its effects on public life. Neelofar discusses the riots as a race war and sheds light on how politicians and intellectuals are misleading the public about the true nature of the unrest.

JUL 21, 2021 : 37

Riots and violence profoundly impact society, leaving lasting scars that are difficult to overcome. In this episode, Jayshree sheds light on the common misconceptions surrounding protests and highlights how these demonstrations have now reached smaller communities, townships, and residential areas, with people coming together to protect their families.

JUL 14, 2021 : 19

Welcome to a compelling podcast where host Rajan Nazran engages in a thought-provoking conversation with Ann Daata, an exceptional team of investigative journalists. Join them as they provide in-depth insights into pressing issues, challenging the status quo and shedding light on the untold stories.

MAR 28, 2021 : 45

In this highly anticipated podcast, Rajan Nazran remains in the UK to engage in a captivating conversation with Ravi Singh, an exceptional humanitarian and CEO of the esteemed charity Khalsa Aid. Notably, Singh’s remarkable contributions have earned him a recent nomination for the revered Nobel Peace Prize.

JAN 20, 2021 : 40

In this podcast episode, Rajan Nazran speaks with Dr Umesh Prabhu, a former Senior Consultant and Paediatrician in the NHS. Dr Prabhu fearlessly discusses the hidden truths behind closed hospital doors, the reality of Covid-19, and crucial information that can potentially save lives! Prepare to be enlightened and astonished by today’s thought-provoking podcast.

DEC 23, 2020 : 5

In this episode of the Global Indian Podcast, Chief Explorer Rajan Nazran engages in an earnest discussion with Charrandas Persaud about what happens in governments. Listen to this podcast to understand how everyone has to strive to make a difference in the entire system.

DEC 09, 2020 : 51

Kashmir has remained a hotspot for communal riots and has always been in the breaking instead of the making. “Ridhi” is the voice behind a group of fantastic journalists and writers aiming to reveal a particular side of the narrative that has been suppressed for far too long.

OCT 07, 2020 : 46