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Petros Constantinou is the coordinator for KEEFRA, an organisation dedicated to supporting and assisting thousands of refugees in Greek camps. Moreover, KEEFRA actively campaigns against racism and neo-Nazis in Greece. 

In response to the rise of the fascist party ‘Golden Dawn’ and its presence in the Greek Parliament, KEEFRA effectively mobilised the Greek people to protest against their actions. Through their determined efforts, KEEFRA successfully pursued legal action against the Golden Dawn party, leading to its closure. While their accomplishments have been significant, KEEFRA’s primary focus remains to aid the refugees in Greece, who continue to endure dire living conditions.

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In recent times, the fate of immigrants and the surge of far-right ideologies have emerged as critical concerns in various countries worldwide. Greece, in particular, grapples with the complexities of handling immigrant influx and its impact on the political landscape. 

In this episode, Rajan Nazran takes a look into the situation within Greece, shedding light on the immigrant experiences and exploring the rise of the far-right movement. Joining him is Petros Constantinou, an impassioned activist advocating for immigrant rights in Greece.

The conversation kicks off by examining the concept of identity, whether individual or national, and how it intertwines with the immigrant experience. Petros offers insights into the government’s changing policies and their impact on immigrants’ rights.

Both Rajan and Petros delve into the concerning rise of far-right ideologies, Neo-Nazism, and the surge of anti-immigrant sentiments in Greece, which has given rise to xenophobia and hate crimes. Petros highlights his efforts to address these issues through legal measures, prioritising the safety and well-being of immigrants.

Tackling the challenges faced by immigrants in Greece necessitates a holistic approach. This includes comprehensive efforts to address legal frameworks, enhance integration policies, and combat discrimination, to ensure a more inclusive and welcoming society. Tune into the podcast now!

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Script by Rajan Nazran
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