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Vic Motune is an accomplished journalist and News Editor at The Voice, where he also served as the Community News Editor. With a diverse background in print, radio, and television news, Vic has spearheaded investigations and stories covering critical issues like combating the trafficking of African children, addressing mental health inequalities, fostering diversity in British politics, and empowering black tech entrepreneurs.

Recognized for his impactful reporting, Vic has been honoured with two Race in the Media Awards and a MIND award for his outstanding work on mental health. Before joining The Voice, he excelled as a BBC Radio 5 Live producer, leading the creation and production of the captivating weekly magazine show Word Up!

Vic’s expertise extends beyond journalism, as he has contributed to prominent publications such as the Daily Mirror, New Statesman, the Big Issue, and Mental Health Practice. As a respected figure in the media industry, he sat on the board of the Society of Editors and played an instrumental role in developing the Society’s diversity, inclusion, and belonging hub. This hub provides invaluable advice, case studies, and resources to address diversity and inclusion issues in the media.

In addition to his journalistic achievements, Vic co-authors the remarkable book, “The Voice: 40 Years of Black British Lives.” Vic Motune leaves an indelible mark on the media landscape through his multifaceted contributions, empowering diverse voices and driving positive change.

About the Show

Recent events in the United Kingdom have brought forth profound discussions on national identity and the evolving role of politicians in shaping it. The resignation of Deputy Chairman George McAleese amid racist social media allegations and the historic appointment of Rishi Sunak as the fifth Prime Minister, the first person of Indian origin to hold this esteemed position, has ignited conversations on the changing face of Britain.

In this compelling episode, Rajan Nazran is joined by Vic Motune, News Editor of The Voice, to unravel the intricacies of identity in the UK and the profound impact of politicians on shaping national narratives. Together, they shed light on the interplay between diverse cultural backgrounds and political aspirations, redefining the essence of being British.

Vic highlights the significance of Rishi Sunak’s appointment as a pivotal moment in British history, symbolising progress and fostering a representative vision for the future. Sunak’s leadership is poised to catalyse the transformation of the narrative surrounding national identity.

Furthermore, the discussion delves into the question of ancestry, a long-standing topic of contention when discussing British identity. The diverse backgrounds of individuals, exemplified by Rishi Sunak, serve as a powerful testament to the evolving concept of Britishness.

Tune in to this captivating conversation as Rajan and Vic unravel the complexities of identity and the remarkable shifts in the United Kingdom’s political landscape.

Produced by Global Indian Series for the Global Indian Network.
Script by Rajan Nazran
original idea: Rajan Nazran

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