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Kenneth Rijock is a US Army veteran who served in Vietnam and Cambodia with the 1st Squadron, 4th Cavalry, 1st Infantry Division, and the 3rd Squadron, 4th Cavalry, 25th Infantry Division. During his military service, he earned the Combat Infantryman’s Badge and the Bronze Star.

After his military career, Kenneth became an attorney in Miami, specialising in banking and securities law. However, he later became involved in illegal activities, advising narcotics trafficking organisations in the US and Canada. It led to his conviction for RICO and money laundering, and he served two years in Federal Prison.

Following his release, Kenneth turned his life around and became a respected financial crime consultant. He assisted law enforcement agencies and financial institutions in investigating money laundering and financial crimes. He also worked as a journalist, authoring the book “The Laundry Man” and writing daily on financial crime topics.

Kenneth’s anti-money laundering and compliance expertise makes him a sought-after lecturer and consultant worldwide. His work has been instrumental in combating financial crime and enhancing due diligence procedures.

About the Show

Recently, the world has experienced a surge in illicit activities like money laundering and passport fraud, posing significant threats to financial systems, national security, and immigration integrity. Kenneth Rijock, a prominent figure with extensive knowledge in this domain, is unravelling the secrets of this clandestine world. 

Join Rajan Nazran as he explores the dark reality of money laundering and passports, shedding light on the tactics employed, their societal impact, and Kenneth Rijock’s pivotal role in exposing these criminal practices.

During the conversation, Kenneth highlights the “cash for passports” scheme prevalent in Citizenship by Investment programs. Wealthy individuals obtain passports or residency rights by making substantial financial investments in a country’s economy.

National security becomes a primary concern with such programs, as criminals could exploit them to evade justice or gain access to sensitive information, potentially posing security threats.

Corruption has also plagued some Citizenship by Investment programs, raising questions about the utilisation of funds generated, especially during economic crises.

The Global Indian community, known for its entrepreneurial spirit and investment potential, is often targeted by CIP programs. Countries enticing individuals with promises of second citizenship or residency should be approached cautiously, and thorough research is essential before participating in any CIP scheme.

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