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Sexuality and Identity

Welcome to a collection of podcasts where we dive deep into the complexities of human sexuality and identity. Listen to intimate conversations with diverse voices, including experts, advocates, and individuals sharing their unique journeys. Explore the power of self-discovery, acceptance, and embracing authentic identities. Get ready to challenge norms, gain new perspectives, and celebrate the beauty of diversity. Listen now and join us on this empowering exploration of sexuality and identity.


Burlesque is far more than dazzling costumes and captivating performances; it is a medium rich with social commentary and profound messages. Lilly SnatchDragon speaks passionately about her mission to create art that defies stereotypes and expectations, crafting narratives that reflect the true diversity of human experience.

MAY 22, 2024 : 37

Shireen Ashton talks with Sarah Chadwick, author of “The Sweetness of Venus: A History of the Clitoris,” to uncover the less discussed aspects of female pleasure and self-pleasure. Mainstream media often sidesteps these topics, leaving people to turn to pornography or movie scenes.

MAR 13, 2024 : 37

Dr Hall unravels the intricate web of porn addiction in the digital age, asserting that addiction is a gradual process. The pervasive influence of phones, technology, and social media has propelled a surge in porn addiction rates. The internet, acting as a catalyst, offers easy access to explicit content, triggering dopamine spikes that culminate in addiction.

DEC 27, 2023 : 22

In this episode, host Shireen Ashton converses with HRH Prince Manvendra Singh Gohil, a Global Indian Network Ambassador. Together, they delve into the recent Supreme Court judgment, probing the paradox that persists. Prince Manvendra Singh Gohil provides profound insights into not just the legal intricacies but also the deep-rooted homosocial behaviours entrenched in society.

NOV 01, 2023 : 29

Discover the captivating allure of burlesque, an art form that weaves comedy, satire, and provocative dance into a mesmerising experience. With its global popularity soaring, this episode with Rajan Nazran delves deep into the world of burlesque alongside renowned performer Shireen Aston. Together, they unravel the profound impact of parody on human identity, offering invaluable lessons in understanding and embracing our true selves.

JUL 27, 2022 : 21

Nutan presents a compelling perspective on gender, identity, the role of religion in society, and the interpretation of mythological texts. Through her discerning lens, she sheds light on the problematic portrayal of Sita as the epitome of an ideal woman and Ram as the ideal man. Unveiling the complexities, she challenges the depiction of a helpless woman forced to prove her chastity and a husband who callously exiles his wife based on mere rumours – a standard that no longer holds sway in a society where independent women confidently forge their paths.

JUN 08, 2022 : 15

In this engaging conversation, we aim to unravel the complexities of gender and society in contemporary India. Join host Rajan Nazran as he meets with the talented and insightful Pradipta Ray, a social activist, animation artist, filmmaker, painter, and designer from India. Together, they explore the intricate interplay between gender roles and societal expectations, shedding light on the challenges individuals and communities face in pursuing gender equality.

FEB 16, 2022 : 33

Explore the intricate journey of self-acceptance and liberation within a conservative society. Join Rajan Nazran in this captivating podcast as he delves into the profound reflections of HRH Manvendra Singh Gohil, a prince who defied societal expectations to embrace his true identity.

JUN 23, 2021 : 44

This episode of the Global Indian Series presents a very candid, profound and illuminating conversation between Chief Explorer Rajan Nazran and a person who has such a strong hold over their words and carries a suitcase of talents with them, Muhammed Moiz.

JAN 13, 2021 : 53

Rudrani Chhetri, a proud member of the transgender community, engages in a much-needed conversation with Chief Explorer Rajan Nazran to explore the vast terrains of sexuality, identity and the notion of Indianness.

JAN 06, 2021 : 46