The Beauty of Malta: The Mediterranean's Hidden Gem

Welcome to our spotlight on ‘The Beauty of Malta,’ the jewel of the Mediterranean! Explore this enchanting island nation’s rich history, stunning landscapes, and vibrant culture. From its historic capital, Valletta, to the idyllic beaches of Gozo, we’ll take you on a virtual journey through this remarkable destination. 


Discover the unique blend of European and Mediterranean influences that make Malta exceptional and the business opportunities that help you go global. Whether planning a visit, seeking business opportunities, or simply curious about this beautiful country, our Malta page has all the information you need to connect with this global Indian community hub.

Feature Success

Our Malta feature was viewed by over 30M individuals across India and the Global Diaspora, making it one of the most viewed features of its kind, with international voices participating in the discussions. The creation of the feature led to a sharp shift in how the world viewed this small oasis that seemingly punched above its weight.  

Since publishing, it found a special home in the direct hands of Government ministers as well as India’s leading families and vitally paved the way towards meaningful engagement between Malta and the diaspora. With new Bollywood filming taking place on the island, a considerable uplift in diplomatic activity, including high-level visits and participants providing testimonials of several important interactions.

Henley and Partners, a firm known within the Citizenship by investment field, utilized this as a stepping stone into India and, with our advice, has since developed many highly successful local offices. KSi Malta has since become a premier and trusted voice in the region for residency, Citizenship and company formations, supporting many Indian origin entrepreneurs to set up in the country. To complement this success further, we arranged a high-profile networking dinner that attracted over £16B in Private net worth and provided an opportunity for detailed discussions. 

Like all countries, you get the good, the bad and the damn right strange.

This feature and event has remained a constant staple that provides insight into the people who matter and those with whom you could genuinely feel confident in doing business.