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Untold South Africa

Uncover the truth about South Africa that lies beneath the surface. Challenge the narratives the hegemony pushes and delve into the hidden stories they never wanted you to know. Join us on these compelling podcasts as we explore the untold tales that shape the nation. Don’t settle for surface-level information—dive deeper and discover the real South Africa. Listen now to uncover the truth on our podcasts. Prepare for a journey that will change your perspective forever.


In a thought-provoking episode, Rajan Nazran engages in a remarkable conversation with two distinguished guests from South Africa, Proportional Representative of African Christian Democratic Party (ACDP) Ronald Harris and Global Indian correspondent Narendh Ganesh. Together, they delve into pressing questions that threaten the future of minority communities in the nation.

JUN 14, 2023 : 30

In this episode, Chief Explorer Rajan Nazran is joined by Dr Aman Singh Maharaj, who sheds light on the atrocities unfolding in South Africa. The discussion also offers a sneak peek into Dr Aman’s debut book, which explores a compelling narrative set 25% in South Africa and 75% in India.

JAN 25, 2023 : 27

Through engaging conversations with 11 respected leaders from the Khoisan community, we explore the ongoing debate surrounding their identity crisis. As they navigate the delicate balance between integrating into broader South African society and preserving their distinct cultural heritage, we shed light on the tensions and complexities that define their struggle.

SEP 07, 2022 : 87

Karou Charou (KC) has become a well-known name in the comedy world. His unique style and humorous approach have garnered a large fan base and gained recognition for his comedic talents. However, the recent riots in South Africa have profoundly impacted his career, transforming him from a comic sensation to a “public enemy” in the eyes of some.

APR 06, 2022 : 39

For this episode, Rajan Nazran had the privilege of engaging in an insightful conversation with Narendh Ganesh, our esteemed South Africa Global Indian Correspondent, to delve into the details of these unsettling occurrences and to explore the essential question of what steps the affected community must take moving forward.

NOV 24, 2021 : 27

The violence that erupted against ethnic minorities during the riots has raised concerns about the fairness and impartiality of the justice system. Sham Maharaj provides valuable insights into the challenges those seeking justice for the victims of these tragic events face.

OCT 06, 2021 : 34

In this podcast, Neelofar delves into the ongoing riots in South Africa, addressing their devastating impact on society’s harmony. She passionately expresses her dissatisfaction with the situation and its effects on public life. Neelofar discusses the riots as a race war and sheds light on how politicians and intellectuals are misleading the public about the true nature of the unrest.

JUL 21, 2021 : 37

Riots and violence profoundly impact society, leaving lasting scars that are difficult to overcome. In this episode, Jayshree sheds light on the common misconceptions surrounding protests and highlights how these demonstrations have now reached smaller communities, townships, and residential areas, with people coming together to protect their families.

JUL 14, 2021 : 19

In this captivating podcast, Chief Explorer Rajan Nazran embarks on a powerful journey to South Africa, delving into the haunting legacy of apartheid and its profound impact on individuals of Indian origin. Through a heartfelt conversation with the remarkable Omar Essack, they shed light on the psychological toll of apartheid and the discrimination faced by Indians, even based on their names.

OCT 14, 2020 : 66

Get ready for an immersive journey into the human experience of individuals of Indian origin in South Africa. Chief Explorer Rajan Nazran, accompanied by the dynamic theatre actor and social activist Rajesh Gopie, dive headfirst into a captivating exploration.

JUL 01, 2020 :

Rajesh Gopie throws light on the involvement of politics in fundamental aspects of life and injustice in South Africa. He gives the listeners an understanding of South Africa unknown to the masses. He shares his perception of what South Africa actually stands for.

JUN 03, 2020 : 53