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Dr Aman Singh Maharaj, born in 1973 and residing in Durban, South Africa, is a passionate traveller with a deep fascination for anthropology. He is captivated by the rich tapestry of cultures, diversity, and architectural wonders globally.

Initially graduating with a civil engineering degree, he pursued further education, obtaining an MBA and a PhD in development studies. He ventured into diverse professions, such as engineering and economics, before embracing entrepreneurship. Driven by his affinity for “magical realism,” he eventually delved into the world of literature.

Additionally, Dr Maharaj contributes articles to national newspapers, primarily focusing on the Indian Diaspora. However, he has also expanded his writing to encompass more universally relatable topics of cultural interest.

About the Show

Who holds the reins of national identity? In South Africa, the answers remain uncertain and intricate for numerous individuals.

In this episode, Chief Explorer Rajan Nazran is joined by Dr Aman Singh Maharaj, who sheds light on the atrocities unfolding in South Africa. The discussion also offers a sneak peek into Dr Aman’s debut book, which explores a compelling narrative set 25% in South Africa and 75% in India.

As the crime rate escalated in South Africa, Dr Aman’s experiences led him to relocate from his homeland due to safety concerns. Corruption has become pervasive, reaching an alarming level of obscurity. Through his articles and essays, he delves into complex characters, including a main character reflecting aspects of himself.

Dr Aman challenges traditional notions of patriotism, raising the question of how one can be a patriot when a country fails to protect its citizens. As he enjoys a luxurious lifestyle, he reflects on the plight of those less fortunate, left vulnerable amidst falling infrastructure.

Join this thought-provoking podcast for a fresh perspective on patriotism and a glimpse into the compelling narrative of Dr Aman Singh Maharaj’s debut book.

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