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Inside Uganda

Immerse yourself in the authentic essence of Uganda and its remarkable people. Join us as we listen to the voices of business leaders, political figures, and changemakers who are truly making a difference. Our collection of podcasts captures the raw and real stories that showcase the true spirit of Ugandanness. Don’t miss out on this captivating journey. Tune in  now and be inspired by the voices shaping Uganda on our podcast. Get ready to discover the heart of Uganda like never before.


The conversation between Rajan and Narendh delves deep into national identity, shedding light on various aspects of South Africa. They candidly discuss the issue of inequality, particularly towards Indians and indigenous South Africans, and Narendh sheds light on the colour politics that have affected the Ugandan Asian community.

JUN 29, 2022 : 40

In this episode, Rajan Nazran and Azhar Bandali Jaffer converse, offering a unique perspective on life in Uganda. As Azhar shares his experiences and fears in a relatable manner, the essence of the country comes to life.

JUN 15, 2022 : 18

Through a thought-provoking episode this week, Rajan Nazran and Odrek Rwabwogo bring into a stimulating conversation the powerful concept of “Ugandanness” and the revival of multiculturalism. The lush green country receives rain three times a year and is a blissful place with a happy population. Despite this, the government is well known for its history of brutality and instability.

MAR 23, 2022 : 32

Delve into the profound experiences of being part of a nation torn by displacement. Join Chief Explorer Rajan Nazran in an enlightening conversation with Lord Sheikh, an unbiased and fearless writer.

JUN 16, 2021 : 42