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Worldly Perceptions

Open your mind to new possibilities with “Worldly Perceptions,” the podcast series that pushes boundaries and challenges perceptions. Immerse yourself in engaging conversations with thought leaders, experts, and cultural influencers as we navigate the diverse tapestry of our world. Get ready to see the world through a new lens, gain fresh insights, and ignite your curiosity. Listen now and join us on this enlightening expedition.


Amar’s journey began in England, where he enjoyed a normal and healthy childhood. However, his teenage years marked the gradual loss of his vision, and by the age of 18, he had become completely blind. Despite the challenges he faced, including two other visually impaired siblings and societal prejudices within the South Asian community, Amar took control of his life and regained his confidence.

JUL 19, 2023 : 29

In today’s fast-paced and polarising world, identity holds immense importance, especially for the average 16-year-old. To delve deeper into this topic, Rajan Nazran converses with Saanvi Mylavarapu, an inspiring individual on a mission to bridge the gap between youth and nature.

APR 05, 2023 : 21

In a heart-wrenching episode of the Global Indian Podcast, Chief Explorer Rajan Nazran engages in a poignant conversation with Serbulent Sengun, shedding light on the pervasive generational trauma gripping Turkey. Join them as we delve into the unimaginable pain and suffering its people endure daily.

NOV 16, 2022 : 30

Chief Explorer Rajan Nazran’s next guest, Jonathan Uglow, has been on a powerful journey to demonstrate how real change can occur through the most potent social transformations and the active steps you can take to make it happen. His charity, the Rafiki Thabo Foundation, funds scholars to attend higher education. His programme supports over 250 students annually in Kenya, Uganda and Lesotho. It has impacted the lives of hundreds across the region.

NOV 09, 2022 : 40

Jay’s reflections on humanity reveal the hidden ugliness and the pursuit of personal desires. Despite witnessing both success and tragedy among the kids he’s worked with, he remains a source of hope and inspiration for many. Emphasising the fluidity of life, he highlights the significance of embracing change and relinquishing control. Don’t miss this inspiring podcast that explores the essence of bringing about positive change in society. Tune in for a transformative experience.

AUG 17, 2022 : 46

As an art director, Chris sheds light on the detrimental impacts of fast fashion and emphasises the need for collective efforts to heal our planet. Nature may attempt to recover, but we must actively contribute to making the world a better place.

JUL 13, 2022 : 31

Join Chief Explorer Rajan Nazran in a captivating conversation with Cormac O Donnchu to discover the authentic story of Ireland through firsthand experiences.

JUL 06, 2022 : 33

In this episode, Rajan Nazran delves into two related topics that significantly shape our understanding of human identity. His journey begins with Angus Rose, a man who embarked on an indefinite hunger strike. They explore the reasons behind his bold protest and his concerns for the future. Later, they venture to Sweden to meet Oskar Pernefeldt, a visionary who challenges our perception of nationalism through flags, offering an innovative perspective that could redefine our views of humanity and the world.

APR 13, 2022 : 33

Armand’s talent and passion for makeup artistry propelled him into the spotlight. His innovative techniques and ability to enhance natural features gained him recognition. Rajan and Armand delve into the hidden chemical compositions of various cosmetics products and their effects on the body.

MAR 16, 2022 : 33

In the enchanting realm of Bhutan, where national happiness is measured as a sacred duty, one is left to ponder: How does this profound upbringing shape our perspective on life and our interaction with existential ideas as we carve our path in the world? The pursuit of happiness intertwines with the very essence of our existence, challenging us to explore the depths of purpose, meaning, and interconnectedness as we navigate the tapestry of life’s journey.

MAR 02, 2022 : 38

Join Rajan Nazran in this inspiring episode as he sits with the remarkable Rashid Gatrad, a renowned social entrepreneur, philanthropist, and consultant paediatrician. The conversation delves into Gatrad’s impactful journey, showcasing the innovative ideas and unwavering commitment that have made a significant difference in Malawi’s society.

FEB 23, 2022 : 29

In this episode of the Global Indian Podcast, Rajan Nazran interviews Dr Yashpal Jayne, a real-life medicine man based in Costa Rica. Dr Yashpal firmly believes that psychedelics should be considered a birthright and, under ritual conditions, can lead to profound experiences, bringing individuals closer to the divine and enhancing the human experience.

DEC 22, 2021 : 41

Adhiraj starts the conversation by sharing a captivating account of his first UFO sighting, a transformative experience that forever altered his perspective and path in life. His journey has led him to delve into ancient Indian texts like the Vedas and Mahabharata, unearthing intriguing clues that hint at the existence of extraterrestrial life in ancient India. Challenging conventional notions of religion, national borders, gender, and politics, Adhiraj’s work sheds light on the interconnectedness of our planet with the vast cosmos.

NOV 17, 2021 : 47

In this heartfelt episode of the podcast, Chief Explorer Rajan Nazran engages in a deeply emotional conversation with Sreedharan Vallipuram as he shares his journey of coping with his wife’s passing. Along the way, we also get an exclusive glimpse into the activities of the Rotary Club.

SEP 08, 2021 : 35

Get ready for an exhilarating podcast episode as we welcome a true pioneer in the world of parkour and free running – Rafe Kelley! Joining our host Rajan Nazran, Rafe takes us on an incredible journey through his life and his initial reaction towards parkour.

AUG 18, 2021 : 46

In this special two-part podcast episode, Chief Explorer Rajan Nazran continues his conversation with entrepreneur and philanthropist Vijay Patel. They plunge into the human experience of being a person of Indian origin in the UK. 

In this episode, the focus shifts towards discussing the mixed feelings that Indian immigrants have regarding a sense of belonging.

JUL 22, 2020 : 28

The Samrow family is a family of four- Depinder, Meena, Amrit, and Alisha. In this entertaining conversation, they talk about what it is like for the Samrow family and what India and Indianness mean to them. They describe their early memories and family upbringing and give us a clear idea of how Indianness still plays a role in their life. They bring to light the struggles of language in conversing with relatives. They also talk about adjusting to the new place and its culture and validating their identity, especially in college. They share their views on the bully and racism.

JUN 10, 2020 : 56

Through the podcasts, Chief Explorer Rajan Nazran and Kulvinder Ghir plunge into the experience of being of Indian origin as they travel across the globe in pursuit of answers to some big questions.

In this episode, they host Aparna Soni from Uruguay. She faced a total dislocation of language and culture to pursue her dream. We explore how her “Indianness” has evolved and the power of “what if?”

APR 13, 2020 : 49

In the podcast, Chef Tyagi highlights the benefits of Indian cooking while highlighting the diversity of cuisine in India. He expresses his amazement at the secret recipes of India. He talks about the chutney made of weed (Bhang), also known as marijuana, in the village of Uttarakhand.

MAY 29, 2020 : 43