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Meet Oskar Pernefeldt, the brilliant mind behind The International Flag of Planet Earth. In 2015 he unveiled this remarkable proposal that captured the world’s attention. Not only is Oskar a talented vexillologist, deeply knowledgeable about flags, but he’s also a renowned Art Director in Sweden’s advertising scene, with numerous prestigious awards to his credit.

Oskar’s firm belief in the power of symbols to transform our perspectives and influence human behaviour sets him apart. He understands that a single symbol can create a monumental shift in how we see the world. And that’s precisely what his flag represents—a powerful symbol of our shared planet, Earth. It serves as a vital reminder that we’re all interconnected, navigating the challenges and embracing the endless possibilities of this extraordinary planet we call home.


Angus Rose, a concerned individual, finds himself consumed by fear for the future of his nephews and niece. Motivated by his deep apprehension, he embarked on a hunger strike on March 14, 2022. His mission is clear: he demands that the cabinet and Members of Parliament receive comprehensive briefings on the scientific realities of the climate crisis. Angus’s unwavering determination reflects his urgent plea for action and awareness regarding this pressing global issue.

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In this episode, Rajan Nazran delves into two related topics that significantly shape our understanding of human identity. His journey begins with Angus Rose, a man who embarked on an indefinite hunger strike. They explore the reasons behind his bold protest and his concerns for the future. Later, they venture to Sweden to meet Oskar Pernefeldt, a visionary who challenges our perception of nationalism through flags, offering an innovative perspective that could redefine our views of humanity and the world.

At the beginning of the conversation, Angus Rose captures the nation’s attention with his steadfast hunger strike outside the Houses of Parliament. His commitment to raising awareness about an undisclosed scientific paper has sparked curiosity and concern among the public. By subjecting himself to this extreme protest, Rose aims to shed light on the hidden truths within the scientific community.

Moving away from the UK, Rajan turns our attention to Oskar Pernefeldt, a visionary from Sweden, who challenges our perception of nationalism through the power of symbolism. Pernefeldt believes that flags, as widely recognized symbols of nations, have the potential to shape our perceptions and attitudes toward others.

Pernefeldt proposes an innovative idea—an all-encompassing flag representing humanity, transcending borders and nationalities. This bold concept challenges us to reimagine our identities beyond geographical boundaries and embrace a collective consciousness.

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Script by Rajan Nazran
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