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Join us for the Global Indian Podcasts, where we celebrate remarkable women making their mark across diverse fields. Tune in to captivating conversations as we explore the journeys of these powerful personalities, carving their paths to success. From business leaders to influencers and pioneers, we unveil their stories of resilience, inspiration, and triumph. Don’t miss out on this empowering series. Listen now and be inspired by the voices shaping the future.


Joining Chief Explorer Rajan Nazran today is Pallavi Devulapalli, an esteemed spokesperson for the Green Party in the United Kingdom. With her profound insights, Pallavi sheds light on the pivotal role of politics in shaping our sense of identity and, more importantly, the key concerns that demand immediate attention.

MAY 17, 2023 : 24

Stay tuned as Meeru Dhalwala joins me for a deep dive into her experiences that have reshaped her perspectives on business, national identity, and the immigrant experience.

MAY 10, 2023 : 43

Tune in to this enlightening podcast to explore the transformative power of life coaching and gain valuable insights from Arathi Ramappa’s experiences as a passionate learner and advocate for personal growth.

APR 19, 2023 : 46

As countries struggled to find a conventional cure, Dr Vedati’s immunity-building medicine sold at an astounding rate of 500 bottles per day, with the support of NSS students and NGOs. With fear and depression taking hold during tough times, Dr Vedati’s dedication to humanity shines as a beacon of hope. Tune in to this uplifting podcast, celebrating the extraordinary efforts of a true humanitarian.

MAR 13, 2023 : 35

Delve into a thought-provoking episode of the Global Indian Podcast as Chief Explorer Rajan Nazran engages in a profound conversation with the talented Sarah Packiam. Brace yourself for an emotionally charged atmosphere that unveils the complex dynamics of identity and belonging.

NOV 23, 2022 : 38

Every year Women’s Day piles up stories of women who fight gender in a society where the gendered stereotypes drag a woman’s life into misery. Although laws exist to raise awareness about gender inequality and advocate for women’s rights, the burden of womanhood that society loads on a woman’s shoulders might be too difficult to unload.

MAR 03, 2022 : 30

The years of frantic chaos equipped her with the strength required to fight to stop child and forced marriages which resulted in a favourable bill being passed in New Jersey and, later, NewYork. 

This podcast may be disturbing, but it is essential to grasp the kind of heinous acts that are being done worldwide.

DEC 08, 2021 : 50

Neelofar, an opinionated woman from an Indian Muslim community, found her voice silenced after marriage. Confined within the walls of her home, she lost touch with her dreams and ambitions, overshadowed by suffocating instructions from her absent husband. Her identity, once vibrant in politics and debate, faded away as she was restricted even in making decisions for her children.

SEP 15, 2021 : 29

Veena delves into the origins of her career, which sprouted from a profound inner calling that evolved into her true passion. Despite anticipating societal opposition and concerns about practicality, she fearlessly pursued her dreams.

MAY 05, 2021 : 45

Chief Explorer Rajan Nazran and Kulvinder Ghir continue their conversation with famed chutney musician Anisa Singh, who opens up about a previous relationship that nearly cost her life and the feelings of suicide that plunged her deeper into pursuing her identity.

MAY 20, 2020 : 30