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Arathi Ramappa is an accomplished executive and spiritual coach, a member of the Forbes Coaches Council and a UN University speaker. As a management consultant, she empowers clients through emotional intelligence, self-compassion, mindfulness, and conflict management, fostering success and fulfilment in both personal and professional spheres.

Her transformative EASE Experience™ methodology enables clients to overcome obstacles and achieve personal growth. Beyond coaching, Arathi is actively engaged in various organisations, serving as Chair of the Board for The Women’s Fund Miami-Dade, DE&I Council Chair at the Miami Beach Chamber of Commerce, and contributing as a Diploma Coach for the UN University for Peace, among other roles.

With a B.A. in International Studies, Arathi Ramappa resides in Miami Beach, where her dedication to empowering others and driving positive change shines through her multifaceted contributions.

About the Show

Florida, the sunshine state, is renowned for Disneyland, its diverse community with global minds from Latin America, the Caribbean, and India. As the 2024 US elections approach, Florida emerges as a battleground for conflicting ideas that shape local ideologies and potentially influence the national political identity.

Rajan Nazran welcomes Arathi Ramappa, a life coach, on the quest for belonging and self-discovery for a thought-provoking conversation.

Arathi’s zest for life and diverse encounters have shaped her understanding of human psychology. She advocates self-compassion and cherishes life’s small joys to nurture an optimistic soul.

As a life coach, Arathi emphasises the importance of guiding individuals to discover their beliefs without imposing her own. She clarifies the distinction between life coaching and mental health therapy.

Tune in to this enlightening podcast to explore the transformative power of life coaching and gain valuable insights from Arathi Ramappa’s experiences as a passionate learner and advocate for personal growth.

Produced by Global Indian Series for the Global Indian Network.

Script by Rajan Nazran
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