Saint Lucia

Saint Lucia

Saint Lucia Unveiled: Your Caribbean Paradise

Welcome to ‘Saint Lucia Unveiled,’ your gateway to the captivating beauty and culture of this Caribbean jewel. Immerse yourself in the lush landscapes, pristine beaches, and warm hospitality that define Saint Lucia. From the iconic Pitons rising majestically from the sea to the vibrant festivals and delectable cuisine, our page is your passport to discover all this tropical paradise offers. 


Whether you’re planning a dream vacation, considering investment opportunities, or simply curious about the vibrant Saint Lucian Indian community, join us as we explore the enchanting allure of Saint Lucia, as well as a critical eye on issues of concern, through the Global Indian Network.

Feature Success

The feature on St Lucia was among a hotly interesting series that ran across parts of North America and beyond. It provided a critical voice that united the country’s thought leaders and activists to tackle the concerns within the nation and provide an essential voice to the international public. The power of the feature led to open debate in parliament and further insight into environmental factors that needed to be addressed. We also received reports that this piece found itself in the Vatican. It also germinated the seeds that saw the region becoming increasingly attractive to North American investors in the areas of Citizenship by Investment. 

The feature indirectly shifted the public consciousness of local politics and asked pertinent questions that the administration often ignored. 

Like all countries, you get the good, the bad and the damn right strange. 

This feature has remained a constant staple that has provided insight into the people who matter in the country and those with whom you could feel confident in having initial conversations. 

Much has changed since the release of this report. In some ways, it was not for the better. However, this remains an anchor of a nostalgic period where hope was not a dream. 

Subsequent podcasts have delved deeper into critical issues that investors and tourists need to be critically aware of with the shift in Government.

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