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Guy Joseph, a successful entrepreneur and politician, was born in 1966 and raised in Forestiere, where he currently resides. Despite not attending secondary school, he gained experience in the mechanical industry before pursuing education at Sir Arthur Lewis Community College and the National Research and Development Foundation. He holds Construction Mechanics, Accounting, Management, and Preventative Maintenance certifications. With a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management from Monroe College and a Master’s in Business Administration from the University of Lynchburg, he is well-educated.

Before entering politics, he actively contributed to his community and church, sponsored local events and was involved in various sports and environmental initiatives. He was the President of the Forestiere Mini Bus Association and played a role in the establishment of St. Lucia’s public transport system. He has succeeded in multiple entrepreneurial ventures, including banana farming, furniture manufacturing, trucking, auto parts, and tires.

In 2006, he entered politics as a candidate for Castries South East and became a member of the United Workers Party. He won the seat and served as the Minister for Communication, Workers, Transport & Public Utilities. He served as an opposition Member of Parliament in 2011 before winning a third consecutive term in 2016. Joseph is a Minister for Economic Development, Housing, Urban Renewal, Transport, and Civil Aviation. He also holds positions on the Board of Governors for the Caribbean Development Bank and the Council of Ministers for the Eastern Caribbean Telecommunications Authority.

Married and a cricket enthusiast, he is preparing to contest his fourth election.

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Join Chief Explorer Rajan Nazran in this captivating episode of the Global Indian Series as he sits down with Guy Joseph, an accomplished individual with a wealth of achievements, to uncover the intriguing secrets and mysteries of the honeymoon destination, St Lucia.

St Lucia is not just a breathtaking tourist spot but a vibrant melting pot of cultures. The diversity of its people reflects their open-mindedness and warm hospitality. Guy Joseph hails from a community rooted in Indian heritage and has emerged as a guardian of the Indian diaspora. Despite being a small island, St Lucia has displayed remarkable resilience, swiftly recovering from hurricanes that have puzzled larger nations with abundant resources. 

However, Guy Joseph’s political journey was far from smooth, fraught with challenges and opposition. His entry into politics was unplanned, and he faced resistance from individuals who tried to hinder his election to Parliament. Shockingly, derogatory remarks were hurled at him, labelling him a “coolie” on a public platform. Nevertheless, St Lucia remains a place that draws people back, even though it is vulnerable to the whims of nature.

Discover the hidden facets of St Lucia beyond its sunny beaches, azure seas, and tropical fruits like mangoes and coconuts. Tune in to this podcast to delve deeper into the intriguing allure of this enchanting island.

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