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Sarah Packiam, born in Ireland to an Irish mother and an Indian father, grew up embracing her diverse heritage. Influenced by her blues guitarist father and poet mother, she found inspiration in their artistic talents. As a biracial female artist, Sarah’s journey has fueled her commitment to promoting diversity and supporting fellow women in the industry. In 2019, on International Women’s Day, she released “She’s a Riot” as a tribute to trailblazing women of the past, present, and future. 

Recently, Sarah had the honour of being a host on HBO’s “A Tiny Audience,” a critically acclaimed show premiered in the USA in February 2020 and is currently in its third season. Alongside two other hosts, she conducts interviews with renowned Latin musicians in front of an intimate audience. 

During one remarkable interview, Colombian superstar Juanes surprised Sarah by handing her his guitar and requesting her to perform one of her original songs. Graciously accepting the opportunity, she received praise and encouragement from Juanes, creating an unforgettable moment for Sarah and her fans. This experience further emphasised the significance of artists supporting each other. Regardless of the platform or genre, Sarah’s ultimate goal is to spread her message of positivity, infused with elements of pop, folk, and rock and roll.

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We are familiar with the notion of being a “real” Indian based on societal judgments and the role of skin colour in shaping national identity. In an era of identity warfare, these statements reveal profound truths, shedding light on the underlying complexities that demand our attention.

Delve into a thought-provoking episode of the Global Indian Podcast as Chief Explorer Rajan Nazran engages in a profound conversation with the talented Sarah Packiam. Brace yourself for an emotionally charged atmosphere that unveils the complex dynamics of identity and belonging.

Sarah’s journey has been intricately woven through her love for music. Her mixed heritage, half-Indian and half-Irish, has led her to grapple with societal expectations and a quest for acceptance. As she navigates the challenges of fitting in and finding her place, Sarah’s music defies categorization, influenced by her ever-changing moods.

This unfiltered conversation showcases Sarah’s authentic self as she opens up about her connection to her grandmother, a source of solace where she feels truly seen and heard. Through her music, she aspires to spread positivity and touch hearts, recognizing that people listen not just to music but to the stories of human beings.

While encountering kindness along her journey, Sarah Packiam has endured past bullying and hurtful labels, such as being called an “Indian Bitch.” These experiences highlight the ongoing struggle of individuals who face judgments based on their cultural background and challenge the notion of being a “real” Indian.

Prepare to be moved by this poignant podcast episode, where vulnerability takes centre stage, reminding us of the universal essence of being human.

Produced by Global Indian Series for the Global Indian Network.

Script by Rajan Nazran
original idea: Rajan Nazran

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