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Kelly Dorji is a multi-talented individual with a fascinating background. He hails from the esteemed Dorji Family of Bhutan and is a descendant of the Sikkim Royal Family. Dorji’s father, Lynpo Paljor Dorji (Dasho Benji), is a prominent figure as the permanent advisor to Bhutan’s National Environment Commission. At the same time, his mother, Louise Dorji, is an author and one of the founders of the Bhutan Broadcasting Service (BBS).

Educated at St. Paul’s School in Darjeeling and Sherubtse College in eastern Bhutan, Dorji pursued an honours degree in History at St. Xavier’s College in Mumbai. In the late 1990s and early 2000s, he gained fame as a fashion model in India, walking the runways for renowned designers and appearing in print modelling assignments in London.

Dorji transitioned to acting and has appeared in nearly 30 films, debuting in the 2005 movie “Tango Charlie.” He gained recognition in the Telugu film industry with hits like “Don” and “Ek Ka Dum.” Besides acting, Dorji is known for his stunt work, which he self-choreographs. He is also an accomplished painter and photographer, showcasing his artwork at the Gray Area Gallery in Thimphu, Bhutan.

Outside the entertainment industry, Dorji actively supports Bhutanese contemporary art as an advisor for VAST and serves on the executive board of the Tarayana Foundation. He is an enthusiastic enduro motorcyclist and participates in charity rides with the Tarayana Dragons. As an ambassador for the arts in Bhutan, Kelly Dorji continues to leave a positive impact on various fronts.

About the Show

In the enchanting realm of Bhutan, where national happiness is measured as a sacred duty, one is left to ponder: How does this profound upbringing shape our perspective on life and our interaction with existential ideas as we carve our path in the world? The pursuit of happiness intertwines with the very essence of our existence, challenging us to explore the depths of purpose, meaning, and interconnectedness as we navigate the tapestry of life’s journey.

In this episode, Rajan Nazran is joined by Kelly Dorji, a fascinating individual who beautifully blends Bhutanese and Indianness in his perspective on life. 

Kelly shares his impulsive nature, recounting how it often led him into intriguing predicaments. Refusing to be confined by labels, he embraces the fluidity of human experience, feeling a sense of oneness with different aspects of life at various junctures. From studying environmental law to protect nature to navigating the Glamour Industry, he offers a glimpse into his remarkable experiences.

Delving into the challenges faced by foreigners in India’s beauty pageant world, Kelly’s stories shed light on the unwelcoming nature of the industry. Despite the glamour, he upholds deep, conscious values, even enduring days without food.

For him, the essence of Bhutanese identity lies in emulating the great kings’ example, while Indianness is inseparable from the traits and people of their nationality, wherever they may be. And through it all, he finds significance in the ‘golden thread’ that weaves through life.

Explore the impact of the National Happiness Index in Bhutan on existential thoughts as Kelly Dorji unveils his wisdom and experiences in this extraordinary podcast. 

Tune in to be inspired by this wonderful personality whose perspective transcends borders and celebrates the essence of human complexity.

Produced by Global Indian Series for the Global Indian Network.
Script by Rajan Nazran
original idea: Rajan Nazran

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