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Chef Neeraj is a celebrated culinary artist, known for being the executive chef to some of India’s and the UK leading hotels and restaurants.

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In this mouth-watering episode, Chief Explorer Rajan Nazran is joined by celebrity Chef Neeraj Tyagi and Kulvinder Ghir for a flavorful discussion.

In the podcast, Chef Tyagi highlights the benefits of Indian cooking while highlighting the diversity of cuisine in India. He expresses his amazement at the secret recipes of India. He talks about the chutney made of weed (Bhang), also known as marijuana, in the village of Uttarakhand.

Listen to this exciting podcast about the unavailability of authentic Indian taste in the UK and the need for chefs working with regional, undiscovered cuisine, which will significantly expand Indian cuisine. Having a firm knowledge of various masalas, he talks about their benefits and how it adds an interesting taste to the food. Neeraj Tyagi also answers some of the funny questions put up by social media users.

Stay tuned and listen to this conversation where we discuss the broader aspects of food, regional cuisine and hidden recipes of India. Don’t listen to this podcast empty stomach.

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