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Aparna Soni, an Indian who’s Uruguayan by heart, an executive chef and the founder of Moksha Restaurant, Uruguay and a Global Indian. She is the unofficial Indian Ambassador to Uruguay. She is a celebrated local personality whose cooking shows have become a national treasure.

Even though she was a Biotechnologist, she chased her dream of becoming a passionate chef and, as of now, leading her life as a chef in her restaurant with her husband in Uruguay.

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Through the podcasts, Chief Explorer Rajan Nazran and Kulvinder Ghir plunge into the experience of being of Indian origin as they travel across the globe in pursuit of answers to some big questions. 

In this episode, they host Aparna Soni from Uruguay. She faced a total dislocation of language and culture to pursue her dream. We explore how her “Indianness” has evolved and the power of “what if?”

As their conversation deepens, they uncover the remarkable journey she embarked on, from casual food discussions with colleagues to eventually becoming a proud restaurant owner and an accomplished executive chef. Her personal experience and unique perspective on blending into society, unaffected by her Indian roots, is truly inspirational. Her genuine openness consistently emanates positive energy, enveloping those around her.

During their discussion, she eloquently highlighted the intriguing cultural contrasts between India and Uruguay, leaving us with profound thoughts. As their conversation draws close, she imparts the importance of cherishing our culture and embracing spirituality. She advocates for maintaining our “Indianness” while also being open to adopting aspects of the modern world’s way of life.

Stay tuned as Aparna Soni takes us from Mumbai to Uruguay on her road to fulfilling her chef’s dream.

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