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Sree Vallipuram, born in Singapore as a state within Malaya, witnessed the country gain independence from Malaysia in 1965. As the eldest of four siblings, he grew up in Singapore, completing his post-secondary education and joining the Singapore Armed Forces for his National Service. After two and a half years of military service, he pursued his degree at what is now known as the National University of Singapore. He later obtained his Masters’s degree from Essex University in England, where he met his wife, Anar.

Sree worked at the Commonwealth Secretariat for over 15 years, positively impacting his professional life. He is also an active Rotarian and has been a Rotary Club of Westminster West member since 1995.

Tragically, in September 2020, Sree lost his beloved wife, Anar, after an eleven-year battle with cancer. This devastating loss left him unable to speak about it for months, but he remained strong for their two daughters, who are now leading independent lives.

On the first anniversary of Anar’s passing, Sree Vallipuram shares his journey of love, loss, and resilience with Rajan Nazran.

About the Show

In this heartfelt episode of the podcast, Chief Explorer Rajan Nazran engages in a deeply emotional conversation with Sreedharan Vallipuram as he shares his journey of coping with his wife’s passing. Along the way, we also get an exclusive glimpse into the activities of the Rotary Club.

The couple’s love story is intriguing, as they met in the UK, crossing cultural boundaries without any religious discomfort. Together, they raised two independent daughters. Sadly, his wife was diagnosed with late-stage breast cancer, and despite her positive attitude, little could be done. The disease spread to her bones, stomach, and intestine, causing immense suffering.

Sreedharan opens up about his inner struggles during her illness, expressing his heartfelt desire for her suffering to end. He discovered solace in spending time in his garden and finding comfort in seeing his daughters’ resemblance to their mother.

The grief process was unique for him, and he couldn’t bring himself to talk about it for months. While caring for his wife, he hadn’t fully considered the possibility of losing her.

This touching podcast will evoke deep emotions and leave your heart heavy with empathy.

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Script by Rajan Nazran
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