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Jonathan Uglow, born and raised on a farm in North Cornwall, gained valuable perspective during a year living in rural Kenya between A Levels and University. Motivated by the inequalities he witnessed, Jonathan returned to the UK determined to make a difference. He pursued a History degree at the University of York and later completed a Masters in African Studies at the School of Oriental and African Studies, London. 

In 2006, he established the charity Rafiki Thabo Foundation, which provides funding for scholars in Kenya, Uganda, and Lesotho, while also supporting various community projects that promote education. Alongside his role as chair of Rafiki Thabo, Jonathan, married with three sons, works as a Garden Designer and resides in Oxfordshire. He firmly believes that education is the most powerful tool for driving societal change.

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East Africa is home to over 200,000 Global Indians, and undoubtedly, the community has left its mark on business, trade, politics and societal change. However, with income inequality multiplying, many have been at odds with creating wealth and the duty of social custodianship that Indianness requests.

Chief Explorer Rajan Nazran’s next guest, Jonathan Uglow, has been on a powerful journey to demonstrate how real change can occur through the most potent social transformations and the active steps you can take to make it happen. His charity, the Rafiki Thabo Foundation, funds scholars to attend higher education. His programme supports over 250 students annually in Kenya, Uganda and Lesotho. It has impacted the lives of hundreds across the region.

Inequality remains a pressing issue in today’s world that affects individuals and communities in various ways. The Rafiki Thabo Foundation, led by Jonathan Uglow, is dedicated to addressing this concern and striving for a more equitable society. In this podcast episode, I converse with Jonathan, discussing the foundation’s efforts to combat inequality and its impact on communities globally.

Their conversation shows how inequality can manifest in society, particularly affecting access to education, healthcare, employment, and essential resources. Jonathan emphasises the importance of understanding the root causes of inequality and advocates for education as a crucial solution. He believes in collective action to bridge the gap between privileged and marginalised communities.

He shares the foundation’s mission and goals, emphasising their commitment to creating a fairer world with equal opportunities. Tune into the podcast to explore Jonathan Uglow’s inspiring work and experiences in his charity efforts towards East Africa, as he envisions a more equitable society achieved through education.

A special thank you to our previous guest and friend to the platform Bob Bhania for the introduction. 

You can find out how to support his charity via the links below.

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Script by Rajan Nazran
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