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Jay Trost is an extraordinary individual whose journey began with a life-changing trip to Kenya. Moved by compassion, he dedicated his time to helping the destitutes there. This experience ignited a passion for making a difference, leading him to continue his mission in Mexico. But Jay’s relentless pursuit of positive impact didn’t stop there; he delved into empowering gang-affiliated children in the USA, showing unwavering commitment to creating a better world for those in need.

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In the enchanting land of the Mayans, where Iguanas casually roam the tropical terrain and magnificent Blue Whales grace its oceans, history unveils another fascinating aspect. As early as 1540, people of Indian origin found their home in these sultry lands of Mexico.

In this episode, Chief Explorer Rajan Nazran meets with the remarkable Jay Trost, who shares his meaningful contributions to society.

Residing in Mexico, the land of tequila and enchanting dances, Jay’s philanthropic endeavours have touched the lives of the homeless and impacted gang-affiliated communities. From Kenya to Mexico, he has cultivated authentic connections with genuine people, raising funds for children’s causes and organising significant soccer tournaments. 

Jay’s reflections on humanity reveal the hidden ugliness and the pursuit of personal desires. Despite witnessing both success and tragedy among the kids he’s worked with, he remains a source of hope and inspiration for many. Emphasising the fluidity of life, he highlights the significance of embracing change and relinquishing control.

Don’t miss this inspiring podcast that explores the essence of bringing about positive change in society. Tune in for a transformative experience.

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Script by Rajan Nazran
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