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Azhar Bandali Jaffer, a young CEO in Uganda, has earned recognition as a local expert in the field of hospitality. He possesses a remarkable talent for curating exceptional customer experiences and often guides aspiring entrepreneurs on their journey. Originally hailing from Canada, he proudly identifies as a fourth-generation Ugandan, and his passion for exploration and travel is unquenchable.

Azhar’s educational background includes a Master’s degree in Business Strategy and Entrepreneurship from Madrid, along with the completion of the Stanford Seed Program. Currently, he manages one of Kampala’s most renowned hotels, which holds significant historical significance. The hotel is surrounded by enchanting gardens reminiscent of Narnia and is home to several friendly feline companions.

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Uganda, a country etched in the collective memory of South Asians worldwide, boasts a history filled with profound emotions and moments of apprehension. With events that left a lasting impact over half a century ago, Uganda continues to captivate our global communities for various compelling reasons.

In this episode, Rajan Nazran and Azhar Bandali Jaffer converse, offering a unique perspective on life in Uganda. As Azhar shares his experiences and fears in a relatable manner, the essence of the country comes to life.

Running a family hotel that weaves together his personal history, Azhar unveils the significance of this establishment that hosts pivotal meetings, even those involving Parliament. While he deeply fell in love with Uganda, he candidly discusses the challenges he faced as an Indian rooted in the country. People’s assumptions of him as a labourer rather than a hotel owner highlight the complexity of his mixed identity and the lingering fears from Uganda’s mistreatment of Indians in the past.

Despite the adversities, Azhar embraces his unique background and navigates through the social norms that accompany it. He acknowledges the influential role of media in shaping perceptions, recognizing its impact on both personal and national levels.

Uganda, a vibrant country known for its lively nightlife, holds the record for one of the highest alcohol consumption rates globally. However, Uganda is on a transformative journey towards prosperity amidst the revelry, driven by favourable factors and determined aspirations.

For a deeper insight into Azhar’s fascinating experiences and perspective on Uganda, tune in to this captivating podcast. Discover the hidden layers of this intriguing conversation as it unravels the true essence of Uganda through a remarkable lens.

Produced by Global Indian Series for the Global Indian Network.
Script by Rajan Nazran
original idea: Rajan Nazran

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