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Against the Odds

Prepare to be inspired by “Against the Odds,” a podcast series that shines a light on extraordinary individuals who defied all expectations. Through captivating storytelling, we share tales of courage, perseverance, and triumph over adversity. Join us as we celebrate those who embraced challenges head-on and emerged victorious. Don’t miss out on these incredible stories of resilience. Listen now and enjoy a dose of inspiration and empowerment.


David sheds light on some lesser-known facts about cancer recovery and the approach of traditional medicine. Through his healing journey, he shares valuable insights, from choosing the right diet and maintaining a positive outlook to harnessing the power of love. He stresses the importance of nurturing our bodies to aid in healing rather than combating cancer. With cancer’s formidable strength, David reminds us to work proactively with our bodies.

JUL 26, 2023 : 43

As Rajan and Bob delve into the intricate tapestry of human emotions and concepts, they weave captivating narratives that resonate deeply with the audience. The power of travel emerges as a transformative force, enabling us to witness nature through a new lens and offering a balm to heal and repair the complexities of life.

JUL 20, 2022 : 47

Along with host Rajan Nazran, Andrew takes us through his 28-day coma experience, a phase no one wishes to face. With profound insights, he shares the emotional and mental pressures the individual and their families endured during this traumatic time.

NOV 10, 2021 : 41

Prepare to be inspired by the incredible Amararam Gurjar, a prominent figure in modern Indian diplomacy. His journey unfolds like a gripping tale from a best-selling novel. Hailing from a remote village in Rajasthan, India, Amararam defied all odds and conquered unimaginable challenges.

MAR 31, 2021 : 55

In this thought-provoking podcast episode, Rajan Nazran ventures to South Africa to meet Gerald Moodley, a former narcotics addict and active member of Narcotics Anonymous. Together, they shed light on the unspoken issue of drug addiction, particularly within the Indo-South African community, and its significant impact on society.

FEB 03, 2021 :

The will to live is a force within all of us, and the fight for survival when our lives are threatened by a disease such as cancer is something our guest is all too familiar with.

In this podcast, the host Rajan Nazran joins a special guest Shrenik Shah, a cancer patient coach.

DEC 16, 2020 :

Cancer is a disease which has destroyed or picked apart families and their functional dynamics an infinite number of times. In this podcast, Chief Explorer Rajan Nazran has engaged in a full-blown conversation with Omita, a three-time cancer survivor.

DEC 02, 2020 : 5

In this podcast episode, Azeem Amir, a strong personality, shares his experiences and emotions surrounding his career development with Chief Explorer Rajan Nazran. This podcast described the many aspects of being part of England’s National Blind football team, breaking barriers and how there is never any excuse big enough to drop your passion or goals.

NOV 25, 2020 :

In this episode, Rajan Nazran embarks on a journey to South Africa to engage in a candid conversation with Santosh Harilal. Santosh, a recovering alcoholic, endured a tumultuous path that began to unravel when he was merely 13 years old. Together, they delve into the harrowing expedition that almost led to tragedy and the extraordinary voyage towards achieving sobriety.

NOV 18, 2020 :

It is widely acknowledged that Indian women have become victims of Indian men residing abroad, which has left them in a vulnerable state financially, emotionally, and health-wise. However, seldom do we discuss situations where men themselves are the ones being victimised.

NOV 04, 2020 :

In this deeply emotional and heartfelt podcast, Rajan Nazran engages in a poignant conversation with Rahul Punj, a father of an autistic daughter. Rahul reflects on society’s countless mistreatment of families with children with disabilities. He bravely addresses the awareness, or lack thereof, surrounding Autism in our community and the often distressing responses directed at children with Autism.

OCT 28, 2020 :

The episode starts with Divya eloquently sharing how their journeys worldwide have brought about transformative changes in their perspectives of cultural identity and the concept of Indianness. She beautifully illuminates how travel has played a vital role in shaping her individuality, enabling her to explore diverse cultures and traditions with curiosity and openness.

OCT 21, 2020 : 30