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Ravi Patel contacted the show directly, requesting us to share his story during a very trying time during a custody battle with his ex-wife over their daughter in India. He illuminates the significance of paternal involvement and brings attention to the prevailing gender bias within the judicial system.

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It is widely acknowledged that Indian women have become victims of Indian men residing abroad, which has left them in a vulnerable state financially, emotionally, and health-wise. However, seldom do we discuss situations where men themselves are the ones being victimised.

Advocates for Men’s Rights argue that divorce and child custody laws are biassed against them, as only around 18% of fathers are granted full custody. In an enlightening episode today, Rajan travels to the United States to converse with Ravi Patel, a man who was deceived into marriage and prevented from seeing his toddler daughter.

Their conversation reveals a heartfelt narrative encompassing daily struggles, feelings of isolation, and harsh judgement. But above all, it showcases a parent’s extraordinary love and unwavering determination to reunite with his child, taking an enormous risk on a life-altering journey.

The love a parent holds for their child knows no boundaries, and a father’s love can be as fierce and unrelenting as that of a lion. Confronted with legal obstacles, emotional turmoil, and cultural disparities, he defied all odds to be reunited with his precious child.

The emotional toll of being separated from his daughter was overwhelming. The father experienced profound loneliness, despair, and an unrelenting yearning in his heart. Nevertheless, his deep affection for his daughter ignited an unwavering determination to overcome every hurdle in his path. He transformed his pain into strength, battling for the opportunity to play an active and affectionate role in his daughter’s life.

Time into this conversation which is a heartfelt account of a father’s fight for his daughter, his day-to-day battles, loneliness, and judgement, but above all, a parent’s remarkable love and sheer determination to be reunited with his child and the huge gamble on a life-changing journey.

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Script by Rajan Nazran
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