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Santosh Harilal is a member of Alcoholics Anonymous in South Africa. His story is as inspiring as it is emotionally shocking, from attempted murder to changing the lives of countless individuals across the region.

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In this episode, Rajan Nazran embarks on a journey to South Africa to engage in a candid conversation with Santosh Harilal. Santosh, a recovering alcoholic, endured a tumultuous path that began to unravel when he was merely 13 years old. Together, they delve into the harrowing expedition that almost led to tragedy and the extraordinary voyage towards achieving sobriety.

The perils of alcoholism manifest in various ways, including losing command over oneself and engaging in harmful actions, causing anguish to loved ones, experiencing overwhelming feelings of hysteria, paranoia, or even teetering on the edge of losing sanity. These are the very issues that our guest, Santosh, openly discusses. 

When a person has uncontrolled and problematic drinking, they may have a health condition called alcohol use disorder (AUD), commonly known as alcoholism.

Breaking free from addiction cannot solely rely on the counsel of others; it must originate deep within the individual’s psyche, fueled by unwavering determination and unwavering commitment. Without these essential elements, the arduous journey to recovery will merely reset back to square one, an endless cycle of repetition and despair. 

We encounter a man deeply haunted by the haunting actions of his past. Still, after nearly 12 years of living a sober life, he shares his incredible recovery journey, confronts his inner demons, and offers invaluable advice to those grappling with alcohol abuse. His account is unfiltered and courageous, offering a glimpse into the life of an alcoholic and the precious gift of a second chance. 

His transformation sheds light on individuals striving to overcome alcoholism and facing associated difficulties. We sincerely thank our guest for generously sharing his journey with us.

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