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Azeem Amir is the first South Asian football player to join England’s vibrant team. He is a very determined and driven person who has been blind from birth, but that has never stopped his mission to inspire others and spread the idea of diversity.

He has also competed in Tough Mudder, raised thousands for charity, has a first-class honours degree, and dreams of competing in the Paralympics.

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For many, the thought of losing our sight is a horrifying prospect. Despite facing immense difficulties due to vision loss, some unique people have overcome their disability to achieve amazing things. Azeem Amir is one of them.

In this podcast episode, Azeem Amir, a strong personality, shares his experiences and emotions surrounding his career development with Chief Explorer Rajan Nazran. This podcast described the many aspects of being part of England’s National Blind football team, breaking barriers and how there is never any excuse big enough to drop your passion or goals.

Azeem talks about how his birth and his disability opened an entirely new sphere of life to his family. The birth of a child, which was supposed to be brimming with joy and hope, was replaced with gut-wrenching anxiety coupled with breaking thoughts about the child’s future. 

He introduced himself to football to maintain thriving conversations with his classmates and others, as football was an emotion in England. Blindness was not a barrier here to enjoy football, and what started with a recreational purpose grew into a career choice. Football was not a viable career option in a family where education was given prior importance, especially since they were worried about his future.

But anything is possible if your mind is set on it, and the drive is more significant than the obstacle. Azeem’s mental perception of things expanded, and he wished to open up conversations where others could be encouraged to take action. He also initiated workshops to develop thoughts based on education, sports and speaking. He was never the kind of person who pitied himself for his impairment, and that is the kind of energy he could attract.

Azeem Amir opens up to me about his disability, social challenges, and career. Today’s podcast is a beautiful celebration of success, defying the odds and achieving goals despite having a disability. With his positive mindset, talent and commitment, it’s easy to imagine him succeeding in anything he puts his mind to.

His tale inspires anybody who wants to thrive despite what life seems to throw at them. Do listen to this episode to fill yourself up with inspiration.

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Script by Rajan Nazran
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