From Darkness to Light: Omita's Triumph Over Cancer and Adversity

Cancer is a disease which has destroyed or picked apart families and their functional dynamics an infinite number of times. In this podcast, Chief Explorer Rajan Nazran has engaged in a full-blown conversation with Omita, a three-time cancer survivor.

Omita is a warrior who believes that being vulnerable and sharing our stories from the darkest of times is necessary to build the network of empathy that is required for the proper functioning of humanity. She is a person who has always valued and embraced Indian culture and traditions, but the same culture taught her not to share or voice out. For her, Indianness is strength, but she was conditioned to think that women were supposed to sacrifice and serve. She adored that trait. 

Through the process of learning to deal with difficulties one after another, she dove deeper and deeper into her true self. The real-life trauma of dealing with cancer, divorce, periods of depression, cultural exclusion, racism and debts has gifted her with more experience than any external source could. Even in the absence of a vocal cord, ironically, she started using her voice for others. Coaching came with the first-hand experience that life is about maintaining a balance.

Learning to live while you feel like you’re dying is an extraordinary feat and one that Omita can help others accomplish with her story. Today’s podcast is a celebration of life.

Listen to this beautiful episode to row through life regardless of the intensity of the storms thrown into your path.

Produced by Global Indian Series for the Global Indian Network.
Script by Rajan Nazran
original idea: Rajan Nazran

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About Omita Gaikwad

Omita is a three-time cancer survivor who had reached out to Rajan in support of the show and received the devastating news that she had to face cancer a third time. She is a single parent and has decided to record her emotions towards a possible death path. She had spoken with him daily for about two weeks, and there was no guarantee whether these would be her last conversations. But being a fighter, she refused to leave her daughter and is now ready to do a podcast.

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