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Rahul Punj is an average father caught in what can be considered the most challenging time in his life. His daughter is severely autistic, and he contacted the platform to share his story.

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Why does our community sometimes perceive Autism as a taboo? How far have we gone not to have open discussions about this subject?

The reality is, Autism is not uncommon – it is the third most common developmental disorder in the UK, and this podcast plunges straight into the devastating impact that a lack of empathy can have on a family.

In this deeply emotional and heartfelt podcast for which we won an award, Rajan Nazran engages in a poignant conversation with Rahul Punj, a father of an autistic daughter. Rahul reflects on society’s countless mistreatment of families with children with disabilities. He bravely addresses the awareness, or lack thereof, surrounding Autism in our community and the often distressing responses directed at children with Autism.

Rahul sheds light on the profound mental and emotional strain experienced by family members and parents daily. He courageously shares a deeply personal incident where he contemplated suicide and discusses the toll it took on him and his wife. 

Furthermore, he highlights the hurtful reactions of distant relatives and the unfortunate lack of support from both authorities and extended family members. He expresses frustration with the community, particularly concerning religious beliefs that perpetuate restrictive behaviours towards individuals with Autism.

This podcast provides a platform for Rahul to expose the harsh reality of how Autism is wrongly perceived as a malicious condition, leading to segregation and prejudice. Join us as Rahul Punj delves into the pressing issues of untouchability, societal mentality, mental pressure, and more, urging for a transformation in our collective understanding and support for individuals and families affected by Autism.

Stay tuned and listen to this eye-opening podcast that aims to break the silence, challenge societal stigmas, and foster empathy and inclusion for all.

Produced by Global Indian Series for the Global Indian Network.
Script by Rajan Nazran
original idea: Rajan Nazran

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