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Amararam Gurjar served as the Sub Inspector of police and later cracked the civil service exam in his second attempt. He is now one of the leading diplomats of India. He was part of the prominent feature on Portugal presented by The Indian Express.

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In this episode, excitement takes a backseat as we wade through the extreme difficulties the guest had to overcome. Amararam Gurjar engages in a heart-touching conversation with Chief Explorer Rajan Nazran in this episode of the Global Indian Podcast. 

Prepare to be inspired by the incredible Amararam Gurjar, a prominent figure in modern Indian diplomacy. His journey unfolds like a gripping tale from a best-selling novel. Hailing from a remote village in Rajasthan, India, Amararam defied all odds and conquered unimaginable challenges. 

Picture this: a young boy traversing scorching desert terrain, barefoot, enduring 50-degree heat, walking 5 kilometres daily. Beneath a humble tree, he joined 90 other students, guided by a solitary teacher. Determined to reshape his destiny, Amararam embarked on a relentless pursuit of education. Through grit and perseverance, he laboured in menial jobs, financing his way through secondary school and beyond. His path was fraught with perils, from the constant threat of sulphur poisoning to the suffocating grip of nepotism that sought to extinguish his aspirations. 

Undeterred, Amararam devoted 17 hours a day for 50 days to prepare for a pivotal examination that would transform his life.

His journey started in a village in Rajasthan where his father had practised farming and animal rearing. The economic hardship was so intense that putting the children through school was difficult. But his father wanted them to choose their professions. It followed a chain of events where he had to drop out of school, finance his studies by himself, and struggle through different menial jobs with meagre pay and in dangerous conditions while under 18. 

Amararam Gurjar had to struggle through desserts without slippers, inhale sulphur and go for days without food or the proper clothes for the season. But this did not stop him from obtaining the 36th rank in Rajasthan for Teacher Training or acquiring six government jobs. He then rose from a Sub Inspector of police to passing the UPSC exams.

 His incredible saga not only weaves a vivid tapestry of limitless possibilities but also serves as a testament to the existence of the Indian dream. Get ready to be captivated by Amararam Gurjar’s awe-inspiring journey. The entire process was no cakewalk. Listen to this podcast to know more about how he achieved what he did.

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