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Muhammed Moiz is an influential and celebrated stand-up comedian in Pakistan. Moiz is known for his drag stand-up comedy and for being an activist, historian and persuasive speaker. His activism is well-known throughout his country.

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What is identity, and where do we draw the line between politics and people? Is gender identity? Do borders define our perceptions of them? Who’s history matters most, and do we need to question the colonial past that has defined us today?

This episode of the Global Indian Series presents a very candid, profound and illuminating conversation between Chief Explorer Rajan Nazran and a person who has such a strong hold over their words and carries a suitcase of talents with them, Muhammed Moiz. 

Muhammed Moiz has a very different take on identity, far from our formulated ideas. His idea of self depends on the history that has been deleted or misinformed; it does not arise from just the experiences but is in the hold of the larger political context and the specific geography of things. It is also connected to how the brain organises information to process and give sense to it. His internal self is always in a state of conflict as uprooting the conclusive idea closely follows the rationalisation process. 

Identity, according to him, carries with it the burden of expectation. Gender assigns roles to be fulfilled; nations demand a certain kind of loyalty to the rules made up for the majority’s convenience or the deep-rooted beliefs of the people in power. Gender is not a factor which affects the voicing of one’s thoughts, and it has nothing to do with sexuality, either. They have attributed a completely different meaning to the queer movement by saying that being a homosexual does not make you part of the queer movement. 

Only when one decides to move against the status quo, against what is dictated and has the mindset to declare that even with a different set of beliefs and a unique way of doing things, they have the right to belong. Only when they stand up for themselves can they claim to be part of the queer movement. 

Tune into this enlightening episode to discover the mysteries of quantum gender.

Produced by Global Indian Series for the Global Indian Network.
Script by Rajan Nazran
original idea: Rajan Nazran

Introduction music: (Sound Title) – by Steven F Allen

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