Inclusivity in Art and Breaking Stereotypes with Lilly SnatchDragon

Art is the heartbeat of human civilization, a vibrant pulse that enlivens our existence and transcends mere recreation. It is a powerful instrument for societal critique and transformation, a beacon illuminating paths to justice and understanding.

In this episode of “Sexuality and Identity,” host Shireen Ashton engages with the renowned burlesque and cabaret artist, drag queen Lilly SnatchDragon. The conversation delves deep into Lilly’s inspiring journey into the world of burlesque, a path fraught with challenges, including the pervasive issue of body shaming. Despite these hurdles, Lilly’s unwavering spirit and dedication to her craft shine through.

Burlesque is far more than dazzling costumes and captivating performances; it is a medium rich with social commentary and profound messages. She speaks passionately about her mission to create art that defies stereotypes and expectations, crafting narratives that reflect the true diversity of human experience.

Art embodies acceptance, inclusivity, and celebrating people from all walks of life. It is about breaking barriers and shattering the glass ceiling, challenging the norms that confine and divide us. Her work is a testament to art’s power to bridge gaps and forge unity in a world often marred by division.

But can art remain pure in its intent, or has it succumbed to the machinations of divisive politics? This is a question that Lilly confronts with her every performance, striving to keep art as a force for good.

Join us for this empowering podcast episode and hear firsthand from Lilly SnatchDragon, a true artist whose work challenges and inspires.

Produced by Global Indian Series for the Global Indian Network.
Script by Rajan Nazran
original idea: Rajan Nazran
Podcast Host: Shireen Ashton

Introduction music: (Sound Title) – by Steven F Allen

About Lilly SnatchDragon (She/Her)

Lilly SnatchDragon is a highly acclaimed political comedy drag queen, burlesque artist, and compere whose innovative performances have captivated audiences. Known for her incisive critique of Western stereotypes of Southeast Asian women, Lilly earned the prestigious title of ‘Best Newcomer’ at the London Cabaret Awards in 2015. Her talent and influence have kept her in the Top 10 of the UK’s most influential burlesque performers since then, including clinching the No. 1 spot in 2017 and consistently ranking high in subsequent years.

In 2022, she was globally recognized as the 37th most influential burlesque performer. Lilly’s remarkable career includes a notable recent performance at the London Coliseum, where she starred in the English National Opera and Improbable Theatre’s production of ‘Cosi Fan Tutte’. 

A well-known personality in the cabaret scene, Lilly SnatchDragon co-founded the sell-out show ‘LADS’ and the renowned all-Asian cabaret collective ‘The Bitten Peach’. Her performances are celebrated for their wit, charm, and powerful social commentary, solidifying her status as a leading figure in the world of burlesque and cabaret.

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