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Jyotsna Mohan is a journalist and content producer who takes up stories that others neglect. She is the author of the bestseller ‘Stoned, Shamed, Depressed- an explosive account of the secret lives of India’s teens’ (HarperCollins 2020). She is also a columnist for Gulf News and hosts a show ‘Table Talk With Jo’ on Instagram where she highlights issues beyond the headlines. Jyotsna was previously a journalist with NDTV for 15 years,, rising to the positions of senior news anchor and senior news editor. 

She is a fourth-generation journalist who has the art of writing in her blood and enjoys hosting.

About the Show

In a democratic nation, the media stands tall as one of the four pillars that uphold the principles of a functioning society. Often referred to as the backbone of democracy, it carries the weighty responsibility of informing and guiding the masses. However, the reality of today’s media landscape reveals a faltering pillar, struggling to fulfil its obligations.

Welcome to this episode of our podcast, where we delve into the crucial role of media in today’s social and political landscape. Join Rajan Nazran as he engages in a thought-provoking conversation with Jyotsna Mohan, an esteemed journalist and content producer, to shed light on the current state of media and its implications.

“With great power comes great responsibility.” These words resonate particularly well in the context of Indian media, which possesses immense influence over the public while bearing a crucial duty to educate them. Unfortunately, what was once a thriving news medium has transformed into a toxic form of entertainment. The golden age of television has faded into obscurity, replaced by a landscape where news caters solely to those seeking a specific narrative. Authentic journalism has been overshadowed by propaganda, leaving little room for diverse perspectives and a balanced portrayal of events.

Rajan and Jyotsna embark on an in-depth exploration of the pressing issues that mainstream media consistently overlooks. They shed light on the ongoing Wrestlers’ protest and the political unrest in Manipur, highlighting the stark lack of attention and coverage they receive. As they delve deeper, they uncover the underlying power dynamics that dictate which information is filtered and disseminated, leaving crucial stories untold.

In the closing moments of their discussion, Jyotsna confronts the hypocrisy displayed by politicians and journalists who conveniently choose silence when their voices are most needed. This introspection challenges the status quo and encourages a reevaluation of the media’s role in society.

Tune in to this compelling episode as they unravel the complex web of media’s shortcomings, expose the unreported stories, and provoke critical reflection on the state of modern journalism.

Produced by Global Indian Series for the Global Indian Network.

Script by Rajan Nazran
original idea: Rajan Nazran

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