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Charrandas Persaud is a very well-known politician who became a Member of the Parliament in Guyana. He brought down a Government by moving against them in a no-confidence vote. Even now, to this day, he still receives death threats for his courage to do what was necessary and right.

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In this episode of the Global Indian Podcast, Chief Explorer Rajan Nazran engages in an earnest discussion with Charrandas Persaud about what happens in governments. Listen to this podcast to understand how everyone has to strive to make a difference in the entire system.

Charrandas Persaud is a person who emphasised the meaning and power of a single vote while being a Guyanese Member of Parliament. He voted against his government in a motion of no confidence. He had become the source of significant political upheaval. His life was in immediate danger as political assassinations were a common occurrence. There is also the element of having his life threatened by someone who was a fellow Member of Parliament. 

According to him, a country’s Prime Minister and President are supposed to be the highest level of servants for the people. But here, the officials rode around in high-branded cars, having destination weddings and living in palaces. Racial and ethnic bias is a sure factor among officials as an entire ethnic group is removed even without trying to save face. Bribes and favours are openly provided and accepted. The saddest part of all this is that services are free for the officials while those suffering to make ends meet receive no such benefits. 

This podcast affirms that these things do not happen just in movies, and there are life threats given out to people who are going against the flaws in the system.

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