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Sandeep Singh, a Sikh from Punjab, is an independent journalist. He talks openly and candidly about the current situation journalists face in India and what it is like for him to be a minority in a country.

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Welcome to this eye-opening podcast episode, where we embark on a profound journey to India, delving into farmers’ struggles who have faced unimaginable challenges over the past 11 months. Tragically, more than 700 farmers have lost their lives under brutal conditions near the Delhi border. Their perceived crime? Exercising their right to protest in one of the world’s largest demonstrations of people power.

Amid freezing temperatures, media anarchy, chaotic healthcare, and the ongoing challenges of Covid-19, these brave Indian citizens have collectively stood against oppressive laws, questioning the integrity of the government. Reports suggest that over 250,000 people joined the protests, calling for open dialogue and voicing their concerns about the long-term economic impact on the farming industry.

This struggle goes beyond economic implications; it impacts the notion of national identity and raises questions about the power of the media to shape our collective understanding. The fight for narrative control within the mainstream media has cast a dark shadow on how the Sikh community is perceived.

In this episode, we have the privilege of conversing with independent journalist Sandeep Singh, who has closely documented the farmers’ struggles. He sheds light on the truth behind the protests, debunking the lies propagated by the Indian mainstream media. Sandeep also reveals how the media distorted the portrayal of the Sikh community during this pivotal time, further fueling the battle for dominance.

Through candid discussions, Sandeep unveils the profound impact of the current government’s policies and laws on the citizens’ identity and religious beliefs. His fearless pursuit of positive change and truth shines through in every word he shares.

Join us as we listen to Sandeep’s firsthand account of the farmers’ protest, the challenges they face, and their unwavering determination to secure a better future for generations to come. This conversation will leave you with a deeper understanding of the power of people united and the resilience of the human spirit in the face of adversity.

Produced by Global Indian Series for the Global Indian Network.
Script by Rajan Nazran
original idea: Rajan Nazran

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