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Gurpreet Singh Johal is an immigration solicitor, founder of the Scottish charity Sikh Legal Assistance Board, the brother of Jagtar Singh Johal, and the family lead campaigner for the Free Jaggi Now campaign.

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The Nationality and Borders Bill has sparked numerous questions and concerns in the UK, with some perceiving it as creating a hierarchy of citizenship and undermining the essence of identity.

In the latest podcast, host Rajan Nazran engages with Gurpreet Singh Johal, an immigration solicitor, who delves into the impact of the new rules on identity. Gurpreet shares how Indian individuals fear losing their citizenship due to the changes in immigration legislation. He opens up about his brother’s distressing situation, having been detained in India for 1500 days on terrorism charges by the government.

Reflecting on his brother’s ordeal, Gurpreet discusses the profound impact on his sense of belonging, acceptance, and value as a British citizen. He sheds light on the motives behind introducing the new rules and their implications for the Indian community.

Gurpreet passionately shares the projects his brother was involved in and refutes the charges put forth by the Chief Minister of Punjab, vouching for his brother’s innocence. He contemplates the significance he now holds for both Britain and India after enduring such experiences.

The podcast concludes with Gurpreet expressing his hope that the House of Laws rejects the bill. Join in to listen to this thought-provoking podcast, where Gurpreet sheds light on the British and Indian governments and shares his connection through his brother’s situation.

Produced by Global Indian Series for the Global Indian Network.
Script by Rajan Nazran
original idea: Rajan Nazran

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