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Dr Adrian Augier is a Development Economist and Entrepreneur with extensive experience in the public and private sectors at regional and international levels. He has earned a Bachelor of Arts in Economics and Political Science and a Master’s in Development Finance and Planning. In St. Lucia, he has held prominent roles such as Chief Economist, Economic Policy Advisor, and Secretary General of the National Economic Council. 

Dr Adrian has also been actively involved in various organisations and initiatives, including serving as Chairman of WINERA-St. Lucia and WINERA–Trinidad, Chairman of the National Vision Commission and Co-Chair of the Regional Task Force on Cultural Industries. He has worked as a Consultant and Development Economist for prestigious institutions like the World Bank, the EU, UNCTAD, USAID, OECS, and CARICOM. 

Dr Adrian has contributed to policy design and incentive legislation in Saint Lucia and Grenada through consultancies. He has held positions in the St Lucia Chamber of Commerce and received honours such as the Service Exporter of the Year Award and Entrepreneur of the Year. Currently, he is the Managing Director of Landmark Events Ltd., a leading special events company in St. Lucia involved in Arts, Entertainment, Tourism, and Commerce across the Eastern Caribbean. Adrian’s contributions to regional development and culture have been recognised with an Honorary Doctorate from the University of the West Indies in 2012.

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Amidst the grandeur of Queen Elizabeth’s 70th Jubilee, an unexpected narrative of anger, resentment, and an official apology emerges, tarnishing modern-day Britain. As demands for reparations echo across the Caribbean, questions arise about a foreign monarch’s influence on the region’s collective identity and whether it truly holds significance.

This enlightening episode of the Global Indian Podcast, hosted by Rajan Nazran, offers a compelling discussion on the key issues surrounding St. Lucia. Join Adrian Augier, accompanied by political party leader Andre Pancho De Caires, as they navigate the profound human impact of the reparations movement and delve into the intricate legacy left by Colonial Britain. They explore the implications of justice accessibility through the Privy Council and the exploitative loopholes embedded within local institutions. 

St. Lucia, reliant on its small state economy, was deeply struck by the devastating effects of the coronavirus. The pillars of food security and the tourism industry crumbled under the weight of the pandemic. The island’s determination to break free from the rule of the Queen of England and script its narrative stemmed from a desire for autonomy, untainted by external influences. The scars of slavery and forced migration ravaged the land, and the peaceful approach adopted by the people was misinterpreted as a weakness.

Within St. Lucia, there exists a wealth of accomplished individuals. Yet, the weight of history continues to shape the identities of future generations. Seeing a foreign face on their currency was a discouraging reminder, prompting a quest for more meaningful independence. St. Lucia was never victorious in its fight for independence; instead, it was abandoned and viewed as a burden.

Immerse yourself in this illuminating podcast episode to better understand the intricate tapestry that has shaped St. Lucia. Discover the island’s resilience, the challenges it has faced, and the ongoing journey towards self-determination.

Produced by Global Indian Series for the Global Indian Network.
Script by Rajan Nazran
original idea: Rajan Nazran

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