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Vanessa Winston St Agathe is a Caribbean business consultant with over 30 years of experience in several fields, including telecoms, tourism, offshore and CBI development, management, and marketing for the Caribbean and offshore. She has interacted with former and present administrations to improve CBI legislation further. She has also played a significant role in dealing with CBI threats.

About the Show

The Caribbean is a fascinating place to explore as it opens new doors to every island. Embark on an intriguing exploration of the Caribbean as Chief Explorer Rajan Nazran and Vanessa Winston uncover the captivating secrets of Dominica in this comprehensive podcast discussion.

Amidst its allure, Dominica reveals a tapestry of controversy. While the Prime Minister played a pivotal role in uplifting the community after the devastating hurricane, there exists a lesser-known side to his leadership. Dominica’s authentic and original values are mirrored in its abundant natural resources, often referred to as “God’s pharmacy,” offering remedies for a myriad of ailments. Despite its limited topography and geography, the island thrives in a unique and remarkable way.

Central to Dominica’s growth and development is the Citizenship By Investment Program (CIP). However, the program’s success has also significantly pressured the island’s overall system. The podcast delves into the delicate balance between capitalising on nature’s healing elements and the ongoing threats surrounding the CIP. Furthermore, the discussion explores the role of vibrant bands in providing a rich cultural and nostalgic experience, showcasing the island’s diverse societies. Yet, these societies face the challenge of brain drain, necessitating a careful examination of who truly benefits from the CIP.

Unveil the lesser-known aspects of Dominica in this enlightening podcast, as Rajan Nazran and Vanessa Winston shed light on the hidden narratives beneath its surface. Discover the untold stories and better understand this extraordinary Caribbean gem.

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Script by Rajan Nazran
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