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St Lucia, an island nation in the Caribbean, offers a unique opportunity for investors to secure a second passport, granting access to greater global mobility and a host of other benefits. The St Lucia Citizenship by Investment Program has grown immensely popular due to its diverse investment options, streamlined application process, and numerous advantages. Whether you are an investor looking to expand your global reach or someone seeking the benefits of dual citizenship, this blog will equip you with all the information you need to make an informed decision about pursuing St Lucia citizenship through investment.

Read on to discover more about this rewarding program, its application process, and a comprehensive list of the St Lucia Citizenship by Investment required documents.

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What is the St Lucia Citizenship by Investment Program? 

The St Lucia Citizenship by Investment Program is a route for foreign investors to secure a second passport by making a significant economic contribution to the country. In exchange for this investment, successful applicants and their families are granted full citizenship and all the benefits that come with it.

The program offers various investment options, including a non-refundable donation to the National Economic Fund starting from $100,000, real estate investment from $200,000, or government bond investment from $300,000. By acquiring the St Lucian passport, one gains access to visa-free travel to over 140 destinations, including the Schengen Area, Hong Kong, Singapore, and the UK.

This program is regulated by the Citizenship by Investment Act No. 14 of 2015, which establishes the Saint Lucia National Economic Fund (NEF) to receive qualifying investments from successful applicants. The process is subject to a stringent application process and due diligence checks to ensure the integrity of citizenship by granting it only to those truly eligible.

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Application Process

Applicants to the St Lucia Citizenship by Investment Program must complete application forms and provide essential documents to the CIP unit for evaluation and decision-making.

Applicants must adhere to a checklist of St Lucia Citizenship by Investment required documents and forms outlined by the CIP, which includes identification documents, birth verification, financial records, and more. Additionally, applicants are required to provide credentials for the certifying lawyer, medical examiner, and translator if any translation of documents is involved.

The application package must be submitted to the St Lucia Citizenship by Investment Unit (CIU) through an Investment Migration Specialist or authorised agent only. Upon submission of all necessary forms and documents, the CIP unit reviews the application within 3-5 days to ensure compliance or request any missing information. If the application is compliant, a decision is typically rendered within 90 days from the date of compliance determination.

Once approved, applicants receive a letter of approval, which mandates the payment of the investment sum fee within 60 days. Subsequently, upon payment, applicants are granted a citizenship certificate, followed by the issuance of a passport approximately two weeks later.

It is important to note that original birth certificates are specifically required when applying for the passport, emphasising the significance of providing authentic and accurate documentation throughout the application process.

This structured process ensures transparency, compliance, and efficiency in acquiring St Lucian citizenship through the investment program.

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St Lucia Citizenship by Investment Required Documents

The St Lucia Citizenship by Investment required documents include the following:

  • Identification Documents: High-resolution colour copies of your passport and any applicable national identification cards.
  • Photographic Evidence: Six recent, professional passport-size photographs against a neutral background
  • Birth Verification: An authenticated copy of your birth certificate or equivalent document confirming your birthplace and date
  • Name Change Verification: Certified copy of proof of name change
  • Proof of Residential Address: A lease agreement, a bank statement, or a utility bill, valid within 3 months prior to the application
  • Military Records: Certified copy of military records or proof of military service exemption, if applicable
  • Education and Professional Qualifications: Copies of academic transcripts, diplomas, and professional certifications, especially if you are applying under the Enterprise Investment category
  • Medical Attestation: A certified medical examination form to affirm your state of health
  • Criminal Background Verification: Police clearance certificates from your current country of residence and any countries where you’ve resided for a minimum of six months
  • Financial Solvency Documentation: Authenticated financial records, such as bank statements, indicating sufficient resources to undertake the investment
  • Evidence of Investment: Specific documentation pertaining to your chosen investment category, whether real estate contracts, enterprise agreements, or donation confirmations
  • Business Plan: A detailed business plan for your proposed investment under the Enterprise Investment category
  • Professional Reference Letter: A letter from a professional such as an attorney, chartered accountant, or a person of similar standing, valid within the last six months before application. This letter serves as a testament to the applicant's professional background, skills, and character, providing additional credibility to their application for citizenship by investment in St. Lucia.
  • Character References: Letters of recommendation from esteemed individuals or organisations that can attest to your character
  • Power of Attorney: If you are appointing a representative to act on your behalf, a power of attorney document must be provided
  • Due Diligence Fees: Proof of payment of the due diligence fees associated with your application
  • Affidavit of Source: A notarised declaration outlining the origin of your investable assets

Applicants seeking citizenships for dependents require, besides all the mandatory documents already listed above, the following:

  • Marriage Verification: A marriage certificate or equivalent document if you are applying with a spouse
  • Divorce or Death Certificates: For applicants who have been previously married, divorce or death certificates may be required to confirm the dissolution of the previous marriage
  • Children's Verification: Birth certificates and adoption documents for any dependent children included in the application
  • Statutory Declaration of a Non-Accompanying Parent: A declaration from a non-accompanying parent confirming no objections to their child acquiring St. Lucia citizenship

Note: For non-English documents, faithful and certified translated copies produced by a qualified translator with appropriate credentials must be provided.

Additional documents may be required depending on the specific investment option chosen and the applicant's circumstances. It is advisable to consult with an experienced agent such as NTL Trust for the most accurate and up-to-date information.

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St Lucia is one of the few among Caribbean nations that offer a Citizenship by Investment program which is secure and seamless, all while maintaining strict due diligence, integrity standards and credibility. The streamlined process, coupled with thorough diligence checks, ensures that only truly eligible individuals are granted citizenship. From meticulous background checks to the submission of financial records and professional references, every piece of paperwork adds to the intricate journey of the citizenship application. A concise overview of the St Lucia Citizenship by Investment required documents certainly aids applicants in navigating the process efficiently.


Is St Lucia citizenship worth it?

Yes, St Lucia citizenship is worth it for investors seeking visa-free travel to over 146 countries, tax optimisation, and access to banking services in the EU. The investment process is efficient, with a low threshold, and offers a second passport for greater flexibility and security.

How to get citizenship by investment in St Lucia?

Obtaining citizenship by investment in St Lucia requires applicants to choose from various investment options, such as contributing to the National Economic Fund, investing in real estate, purchasing government bonds, or participating in approved enterprise projects. Each option has specific financial thresholds and benefits tailored to meet the diverse needs of investors, with the process typically taking around four months from submission to issuance of citizenship.

What is the total cost of St Lucia citizenship by investment?

The cost of St Lucia citizenship by investment ranges from US$100,000 for a single applicant contributing to the National Economic Fund to US$3,500,000 for a government-approved enterprise project. Additional fees include government, professional, passport, and due diligence fees, with the total cost varying based on the chosen investment option and the number of accompanying family members.

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