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Saint Lucia Immigration Form: A Complete Guide for Hassle-Free Entry

Saint Lucia, an Eastern Caribbean island nation with stunning volcanic beaches, diving reefs and vibrant coastal culture, beckons travellers and expatriates alike. But before embarking on a journey to this Caribbean gem, it is essential to understand the ins and outs of the immigration process, now carried out electronically by the recently introduced Electronic Immigration Form, for a more seamless and delay-free experience.

Join us as we delve into the intricacies of the Saint Lucia Immigration Form, offering insights, tips, and everything you need to know to ensure a smooth entry into this tropical paradise.

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What is the Saint Lucia Immigration Form?

The Saint Lucia immigration form is an online disembarkation form introduced on March 1, 2023, to ease delays on arrival, reduce the time usually spent at the immigration counter, and provide an overall seamless entry process.

The electronic immigration form is designed to streamline the entry process by providing real-time information to immigration and port health authorities, thereby reducing arrival processing time for passengers. This digital alternative replaces the traditional written form and has undergone successful testing at both airports.

Nevertheless, written forms will still be provided by the airline immigration centre for passengers who may, for any reason(s), fail to complete and submit the electronic form before they arrive in Saint Lucia. This, however, will prolong the processing time at Customs and Immigration checkpoints.

The implementation of the electronic embarkation/disembarkation process is overseen by the Organization of Eastern Caribbean States (OECS) Commission and financed through the 11th European Development Fund. This initiative aligns with the Government of Saint Lucia's efforts to digitize public sector services, enhancing operational efficiency and facilitating business processes across the island.

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How to Fill the Electronic Form?

Passengers travelling to St. Lucia may access the electronic entry form no more than three days before travel (72 hours before departure) on the website of the Saint Lucia Tourist Authority. Travellers can fill out the online form and securely submit it any time from anywhere with internet services, be it before departure, while aboard the aircraft or even upon arrival at the Saint Lucia airport, using its Wi-Fi.

Only a single form per family or group is necessary. This user-friendly ED form consists of a standard immigration questionnaire requesting details, such as the purpose of the visit, health conditions, and other relevant trip information. Since completing the form is not mandatory for boarding, verification at check is also not necessary.

Filling the Saint Lucia Immigration Form follows a simple four-step process, including filling out the online form and receiving and verifying a QR code on arrival. To complete the form, you will need to provide the following details as per Saint Lucia's travel guidelines:

  • Flight details
  • Passport information (including accompanying family members)
  • Pictures of travel documents such as passport bio page (or ID card for OECS citizens only)
  • A functioning and valid email address

Upon submission, you will receive a receipt in the form of a QR code by email that you will be required to present, either a digital or a printed copy to officials on arrival, along with your passport. If you need to make changes after submission, consider revisiting the page and following the provided instructions.

Some Important Things to Remember

Initially, passengers arriving in Saint Lucia without completing the electronic form could submit a paper form on arrival. However, this procedure was gradually phased out, and from April 12, 2023, the paper form was replaced by the electronic one. To avoid any trouble upon arrival, it is recommended to submit the electronic entry form before presenting themselves to immigration and customs officers.

Filling out the online ED form is obligatory only for arrivals on air travel and not a mandatory requirement during boarding. Nevertheless, passengers are encouraged to submit it and have the QR ready before arriving in Saint Lucia for swift processing after arrival.

Remember to stay informed about any updates or changes to the entry procedures, and do not hesitate to seek assistance from appropriate authorities. Customer service representatives from Saint Lucia Air are always prepared to offer any help and assistance you may need.

Make sure to check entry requirements and verify passport validity with your travel advisors. The country's regulations regarding passport validity might be stricter than its entry rules. It is advisable that you reach out to the closest diplomatic or consular office of Saint Lucia to confirm any additional entry requirements.

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Submitting the Saint Lucia Immigration Form is crucial for travellers planning to visit this beautiful Caribbean destination. With the introduction of the electronic Embarkation/Disembarkation process, travellers can now complete the form online, speeding up the arrival process to prevent unnecessary delays at immigration checkpoints. Whether you are visiting for a vacation or considering a move, by familiarizing yourself with the requirements and completing the form prior to arrival, you can ensure a smooth, hassle-free arrival. With a reliable immigration system, Saint Lucia welcomes visitors with open arms and promises a seamless travel experience.


Do I need an immigration form for St Lucia?

Yes, the Saint Lucia Immigration Form was implemented on March 1, 2023, and since then has been a requisite for passengers to produce upon arrival at the airport. The form is user-friendly and can be filled and submitted from anywhere with a stable internet connection any time between three days before or at the time of arrival. However, passengers who fail to submit the online form may access a paper form instead at the immigration checkpoint.

What are the new entry requirements for St Lucia?

Currently, entry requirements for Saint Lucia primarily involve COVID-19 entry requirements. Vaccinated travellers are required to provide proof of their COVID-19 vaccination. Unvaccinated travellers aged five years and above must provide a negative PCR COVID-19 test taken within five days before travelling to Saint Lucia. Additionally, a complete health screening form is mandatory for all travellers.

How can I get a St. Lucia visa from Pakistan?

To obtain a visa for Saint Lucia from Pakistan, you would first need to contact the nearest Saint Lucia embassy or consulate. Depending on your purpose of travel, such as tourism, business, or study, you'll need to apply for the appropriate visa type. Typically, documents required for visa application include a completed visa application form, passport-sized photographs, proof of sufficient funds, travel itinerary, accommodation details, and proof of departure from Saint Lucia.

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