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List of 5+ Prominent International Banks in Kazakhstan

International banks in Kazakhstan play a pivotal role in its monetary ecosystem, offering aid in administrations, including corporate banking, investment banking, wealth management, and exchange finance. In this article, we will examine the presence, services, and contributions of some of the prominent international banks in Kazakhstan to the country's economic growth and stability.


Kazakhstan, a Central Asian country well-known for its extensive steppes and rich cultural heritage, has emerged as a significant player in the global financial landscape. Kazakhstan has attracted the attention of foreign banks looking to take advantage of its rapidly expanding market opportunities due to its strategically located economy.

Since the mid-1990s, Kazakhstan has made its way for foreign banks, denoting a critical achievement in its monetary development. This era saw the influx of major worldwide financial organizations anxious to exploit Kazakhstan's promising business sector potential. At first, these banks focused on offering fundamental monetary assistance to help the nation transition to a market economy, facilitating trade and investment flows while cultivating financial soundness.

Over the years, Kazakhstan's financial area has undergone significant change, set apart by regulatory reforms and technological advancements. Worldwide banks have had a crucial impact in this cycle, bringing mastery, development, and global best practices to the table. Today, they continue flourishing in Kazakhstan's dynamic monetary scene, taking care of assorted client needs and adding to the country's financial development and coordination into the global economic framework.

Banking System in Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan's financial framework is organized into tiers, with the National Bank at the helm and second-tier banks containing the rest. Close by these establishments, the Development Bank of Kazakhstan upholds national development drives, while the Deposit Guarantee System guarantees the security of people's deposits. This outline investigates the jobs and elements of these entities within Kazakhstan's monetary scene.

Tier One Bank: The National Bank of Kazakhstan

The National Bank fills in as the central bank of Kazakhstan, addressing the upper tier of the nation's financial framework. It maintains Kazakhstan's interests in its communications with national banks, international monetary foundations, and banks universally.

Second-Tier Banks

Second-tier banks, except the National Bank, include all other banks in Kazakhstan. Represented by the "Law on Banks and Banking in the Republic of Kazakhstan," these entities direct business to produce benefits.

They are a crucial part of Kazakhstan's banking landscape because they can set up subsidiary banks, branches, and representative offices inside and outside the country. As of April 13, 2022, 22 such banks incorporated 10 with foreign capital.

Development Bank

Working as a national development organization, the Development Bank of Kazakhstan JSC assumes a critical part in subsidizing investment projects, working with export tasks, and offering different monetary types of assistance, for example, mezzanine support, project funding, and lease exchanges.

Deposit Guarantee System

The Kazakhstan Deposit Insurance Fund (KDIF) guarantees the security of people's deposits put in second-level banks, barring non-premium bearing interest stores put with Islamic banks. As of now, deposits in tenge are guaranteed up to 10 million tenge per depositor per bank, while foreign currency stores are safeguarded up to 5 million tenge per depositor per bank. The proposed legislation aims to raise deposit coverage payouts for individual and small-business savings deposits to 15 million tenge.

Population Deposits

As of August 2018, the volume of deposits from people arrived at a notable pinnacle, adding up to 8.3 trillion tenges, addressing 47% of the complete deposit volume.

International Banks in Kazakhstan

Bank of Kazakhstan offers different administrations, from corporate banking to retail arrangements, utilizing its global expertise to take care of Kazakhstan's developing business sector needs.

HSBC Bank Kazakhstan

HSBC Bank Kazakhstan, a branch of the global banking giant HSBC, has worked in Kazakhstan since 1998, utilizing around 250 experts. With branches in Almaty region and Astana city, it offers many financial administrations to corporate and individual clients, utilizing HSBC's worldwide organization for diverse financial products and expertise.

Raiffeisen Bank Kazakhstan

An auxiliary of Raiffeisen Bank International AG, Raiffeisen Bank Kazakhstan works in the nation's financial area, having some retail and corporate financial administration expertise. The bank offers expertise and a worldwide viewpoint tailored to the local market, leveraging its worldwide connection and improving its contributions to corporate and retail clients.

Tsesnabank JSC

With vital organizations with global monetary foundations, Tsesnabank JSC offers diverse banking administrations, including corporate banking, trade finance, and investment solutions, adding to Kazakhstan's financial development.

VTB Bank Kazakhstan

VTB Bank International, a subsidiary of VTB Group, is a prominent player in Kazakhstan's financial area. With an essential spotlight on corporate and investment banking administrations, it brings extensive expertise and a worldwide point of view to the local market. VTB Bank International helps Kazakhstan's economy grow and develop by providing comprehensive financial solutions and international connections.


Part of Citigroup, one of the most prominent financial services organizations universally. Citibank Kazakhstan offers corporate and speculation banking administrations alongside retail banking arrangements custom-fitted to the nearby market.

CenterCredit Bank

Bank CenterCredit, well-known for its focus on retail and corporate banking, has formed alliances with other international financial institutions to provide its customers in Kazakhstan with cutting-edge financial products and services.

Payment Choices in Kazakhstan

Payment choices in Kazakhstan reflect different financial preferences and developments.

Payment Cards Market

In Kazakhstan, Payment card use, including prepaid payment cards, has become progressively famous among buyers. These cards offer accommodation and security for transactions, both locally and universally. Prepaid payment cards permit clients to load funds onto the card in advance, empowering controlled spending and financial planning on the board.

Internet /Mobile Banking

Internet /Mobile banking are fundamental parts of the administrations presented by international banks in Kazakhstan. Customers can conveniently manage their accounts, perform transactions, and access banking services via these digital platforms from any computer or mobile device. Customers can bank whenever and wherever they want via internet /mobile banking's user-friendly interfaces and advanced security features.

Restrictions on Payments

Kazakhstan's monetary guidelines have specific limitations for payments and currency control measures to keep up with financial stability and oversee foreign trade holds. These limitations include limits for how much cash people and organizations can trade or transfer abroad and guidelines on cross-border transactions to guarantee consistency with worldwide monetary norms and prevent illicit monetary exercises.


International banks in Kazakhstan play a vital role in the country's monetary scene, offering different administrations to people and organizations. Through prepaid payment cards, adherence to payment limitations, and high-level advanced digital banking solutions, these banks guarantee availability, security, and compliance. With their worldwide expertise and local presence, international banks in Kazakhstan contribute to the nation's financial development and the modernization of its financial area.


Which is the largest bank in Kazakhstan?

Halyk is Kazakhstan's biggest bank, with 35% of the industry.

Who regulates banks in Kazakhstan?

The National Bank of Kazakhstan acts as a controller of money-related and credit policy.

Which bank is No. 1 in India?

HDFC is the biggest private sector bank in India now and is positioned as the Number 1 Bank in India according to Forbes World's Best Bank survey.

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