Too Much Democracy? The Truth About the Farmers' Protest with Varrun Sukhraj

In a nation as vast and democratic as India, home to 1.42 billion citizens, assessing the extent to which democracy prevails becomes a critical inquiry. What defines the threshold of democracy? How much is deemed excessive?

Often hailed as the bedrock of democracy, the media assumes a pivotal role that shapes the democratic fabric. Yet, when the democratic foundation reveals vulnerabilities, can the media, the purported backbone, truly sustain the democratic structure, or does it crumble like dust?

In exploring these critical questions, we welcome documentary filmmaker Varrun Sukhraj to share his insights on the power of media. Having been present on the ground during the 2020-2021 Farmers’ Protest at the Delhi border, Sukhraj offers a firsthand account of his experiences, contending that democracy transcends mere politics; it is an emotion rooted in the pursuit of equal rights for all, a sentiment that leaves no room for alternatives.

Sukhraj contends that what unfolds in the mainstream media is a reflection of individual experiences, serving as the societal nerve. However, in contemporary times, a concerning blurring of lines between facts and entertainment has surfaced within the media landscape, prompting a pertinent question: Are we witnessing an erosion of democracy?

Join us as Varrun Sukhraj elucidates the transformations that reshaped his perception of India. Take a moment to reflect: Is there an excess of democracy in India?

Produced by Global Indian Series for the Global Indian Network.

Script by Rajan Nazran
original idea: Rajan Nazran

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About Varrun Sukhraj

Varrun Sukhraj is a seasoned writer, director, and producer, boasting over a decade of expertise in advertising, media, and entertainment. With an innate passion for narrating unconventional and thought-provoking tales, he skillfully presents these stories in a palatable and engaging manner. Sukhraj’s unique filmmaking style has garnered widespread acclaim, resonating with both the masses and the intellectual elite.

His creative vision is driven by a compelling desire to communicate sophisticated ideas to a broader audience while also shedding light on the everyday challenges faced by the common people to those in positions of privilege. Through the impactful narratives he crafts, Sukhraj endeavours to narrow the divide between urban and rural India.

At the forefront of his recent projects is the documentary titled “Too Much Democracy,” a poignant exploration of the year-long farmer’s protest at Delhi borders against the now-repealed farm laws. This documentary delves into one of the most significant social movements in recent global history, offering a comprehensive perspective on the struggles and aspirations of those involved. Through his work, Varrun Sukhraj not only captured the essence of the protest but also strived to foster understanding and unity across diverse segments of society.

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