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Baytoram Ramharack, a Guyanese native, is an accomplished academic and political scientist. He obtained his BA in political science from CUNY’s City College in New York and went on to earn both his MA and Ph.D. degrees from New York University. Throughout his career, he has taught political science at prestigious institutions such as New York University, Dowling College, and Nassau Community College, where he currently serves as an Adjunct Associate Professor of Political Science.

Ramharack has contributed numerous articles to esteemed academic journals, showcasing his expertise in the field. His notable publications include works like “The Centenary Celebration of the Arrival of Indians to British Guiana (1838-1938),” “Against the Grain: Balram Singh Rai and the Politics of Guyana,” and “Jung Bahadur Singh of Guyana (1886-1956): Politician, ship doctor, labour leader and protector of Indians.”

Not only is he an accomplished scholar, but Ramharack is also an advocate for democracy. He actively campaigned for the restoration of democracy in Guyana in 1992. Currently residing in New York with his wife and three children, Ramharack is engaged in multiple writing projects. He is working on a biography of Cheddi Jagan, an influential figure in Guyanese politics, and a forthcoming publication on Alice Bhagwandai Singh, the wife of Jung Bahadur Singh.

It is worth noting that Ramharack’s talents extend beyond academia. He was once a talented cricketer, showcasing his multifaceted abilities.

About the Show

Guyana, a beautiful country on the northern coast of South America, is known for its rich history and diverse cultural heritage. However, many untold stories and hidden gems are waiting to be discovered.

In today’s episode, Rajan delves into the neglected history of Guyana with a remarkable guest, Baytoram Ramharack, a renowned Guyanese author and social science professor.

At the beginning of the conversation, Baytoram gives us a picture of being a Guyanese. He also provides a detailed account of Indian Guyanese and other ethnic groups and how they are developing through many challenges and struggles.

Rajan and Baytoram talk about his research highlighting the economic potential of the resources and their role in shaping the nation’s development. Baytoram also sheds light on the political aspects of Guyana and the different roles the politicians played during their rule. Baytoram provides unique insights into the political struggles and social movements that shaped Guyana’s destiny.

In conclusion, we learn that infrastructure development and education demand attention. However, developments, including significant oil discoveries and international partnerships, have positioned Guyana as a nation on the rise. Baytoram Ramharack’s contributions to the nation’s political and social landscape continue to be celebrated and honoured. Ramharack’s unwavering commitment to equality, justice, and unity shaped the foundation upon which modern Guyana stands.

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