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Open Letter to Julius Malema

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"Your presence is a moral poison that would contaminate the most virtuous"

Your utterance at the EFF rally "Kill the Boer, Kill the farmer" is dead to rights only because it is criminal

Mr. Malema

You have become a very poor, distasteful and indeed a disdainful indictment of what a good and decent South African should be all about.

Your pathetic utterance of "Kill the Boer, Kill the Farmer" at your boastful 10th anniversary rally of your party reflects the poverty of your mentality when it comes to acting like a patriotic South African - a true patriotic South African that is.

Do you even realize, even if only for a moment, what such racial vitriol does to the psyche of this country and the yokelry that you target?

Your narcissistic aggrandisement of your position as a leader of a political party does not confer upon you the right to incite violence or spew racial hatred, which clearly you have done.

I condemn this in the strongest possible terms.- obviously acting the giddy goat has become your trademark.

To the coterie of supporters that you had at the event, you may seem heroic, god-like even, but your ribaldry was nothing short of a person defunct of humanity and patriotism and this deficit has become quite evident over the years.

Screaming and singing at these rallies of yours merely strengthens the vocal cords - but it loses the argument.

Your unbridled obsession and hate of the "white farmer" is replete with invectives that are obnoxious, repulsive and downright detestable - and I call it for what it is.

Have you not eaten food that was produced by white farmers to give you sustenance?

Better stlll, have you not intoxicated yourself with the finest bottles of bubbly, wine and spirits manufactured at the hands of white farmers - colonialists even?

Have you not worn or wear the garments of exotic and expensive choice made by white farmers - while paradoxically "fighting for the poor" in another show of a charade?

The opulence that you exist by when not masquerading in the facade of your sanguine coloured clothes belies your acrimonious and caustic outbursts that you believe will elevate your status with those who can see no further than their noses.

You have even tried to antogonize and alienate the Indian community with your malicious and vindictive incitement - but gladly the Indian community did not and will not stand for that, however hard you may try.

It would be advisable that you grow some sense of being, at the very least, a decent citizen wanting a country to grow and develop in the absence of your racist rants and raves as you have become accustomed to the antipathetic notion against anyone classified other than "black".

You have certainly become an outlier of the reality of what South Africa means - a country for all that live in it.

Your puerile verbiage will be your undoing as the majority of South Africans are decent, law-abiding citizens (who in fact pay your monthly salary for you to attack them).

Being the scofflaw as you have become, the best advice for you is grow true leadership horns and serve all the people of this country and not your personal nefarious agendas and your inflated ego.

The citizens of this country have had enough of your barbed and toxic pronouncements and this must stop.

There is a very poignant line in Emily Bronte's Wuthering Heights in which one of the protagonists Edgar Linton remarks to another, Heathcliff, when he says, "your presence is a moral poison that would contaminate the most virtuous".

In retrospect methinks he could well have been referring to you!

Narendh Ganesh

Narendh Ganesh is the chairperson of the Duffs Road Civic Association in north Durban, community activist and former member of the Minorities of South Africa party

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