Increasing Suicide Rates in India 

In the present time, when people all over the country are becoming aware of the term' mental health', how one should maintain it, and what will be the outcome if not taken care of properly, but then on the other hand, are the victims of mental issues and facing psychological stress, various data online depicts the urgency to take care of the increasing of suicide cases globally, due to this suicide has become an alarming state of care in any country, from India to the US, everywhere on a daily, weekly basis suicidal cases coming front. 

But despite the increasing number of suicidal cases, what's more troubling is its rise in adolescents and youth in any country, amongst which the death rate toll is increasing, while still this issue is taken lightly amongst the world. 

Why Does a Person Get Suicidal Thoughts?

These feelings are something that, just by the name, is dangerous and unpredictable, and they also help to show a person's state of mind. These feelings can rise in anyone's mind, regardless of gender, age, caste, religion, background, or time. But what makes a person more prone to suicide and its unheard, unwanted feelings is the pressure on one's mind, which is often unsaid, unseen by people around that particular person. 

The reasons behind the feeling of getting suicidal thoughts are as follows:

Mental issues: Recently, since the post-COVID period, people have seen focusing highly on the mental issues present in the world around them, due to which people often start feeling like dying, as if nothing excites them more, and one solution left for them is "death." And these thoughts lead to one's suicide. Mental issues like any form of depression, stress, anxiety, etc., lead to mental issues where a person stops feeling themselves and feels like a burden, but this is also not found in everyone. Every person with mental issues reacts to their external surroundings differently. 

Being alone: This issue arrived a lot during the covid period when people living alone during the covid period, used to feel alone due to which they used to think a lot in negative terms, often a term called "overthinking", which is common nowadays, but what's more common is the cause of overthinking spread over a person's mind. This ultimately causes one to think of suicide, such as if doing suicide, one can be free from this world and from being ALONE!! 

Pressure: A word, when not joined with any external cause, makes it difficult for a person to understand, and that's why it's important to understand what forms of pressure a person is going through which led or is leading one towards suicide. It can be any marital pressure, responsibilities pressure, education pressure, pressure to achieve something, or pressure to earn good money and land a dream job. It can be anything, and to treat such thoughts, one must understand the cause of pressure on one's mind. 

Social Expectations: Often in our life, we have seen people having certain expectations to be fulfilled, which sometimes we achieve and sometimes we can't, and at that time, when one doesn't, often in many cases leads to suicide to be free of such expectations. These expectations lead to certain pressure on the mind, which then leads to suicide.

Trauma: Trauma is a situation hidden in the corner of one's mind, which leads to certain unwanted thoughts, which can be anything leading to childhood, any personal, professional, or any form of dark situation which lasts a dark impression on one's mind is trauma. 

Like this, there are various other reasons why a person leads to suicide, giving up on their life due to some uncertain stigmas around or in their life. Life is meaningful, and one must understand its importance and existence. Many shows online show how people say one should think about their family and loved ones before suicide, but it's all just for the shows because, in reality, it's different. The situation of a person with suicidal thoughts looks different, behaves differently, acts, and lives differently. 

One might not even be able to examine a person with suicidal thoughts because of how calm they live in their external world while dying second per second from inside, and this is one of those underlying reasons why the world has lost so many innocent lives, to this dark side of the life, "suicide." 

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The Need to Talk About Suicide

This part could be a normal paragraph like others. Still, it should not be anymore, because while reading such content, we lose track of such details, and just for the sake of reading, we read and forget about it after some time until someone poses this pressure on mind, specifically reading out this thing, "the need to talk about it."

Daily, we come across various cases that lead to death. We pray for a second and move on from there but never think to go in-depth and know what influenced the person toward death. Such is the case of suicide, where we often comment down good advice for a person under mental pressure but never understand the person when the time is there.

This is being said because now, when the world is seeing so many suicidal cases, we, as the citizens of the country or the part of the world, are getting a bit cautious and still only a "bit" because other than that, there's nothing we are doing, everyone is aware of the cause and effects of suicidal thoughts, or moreover mental issues, but "still", we are not doing anything, are we able to stop our young generation from suiciding?

Today, our young generation, on whom we are setting up our future, is the one who is getting more prone to suicide and such related thoughts, as various cases show. 

Where according to certain data, Lesotho recorded the highest number of deaths from suicide in 2024, with 72.4 per 1,00,000 people in there. At the same time, Guyana is recorded as having the second highest suicide-related death cases, with 40.3 per 1,00,000 persons. 

When talking about India, various cases are coming as well, but in India, Kota is a place from where most of the suicidal deaths are registered, with the cause of death being educational pressure on them. And it's such situations that make our younger generation face suicidal thoughts. 

But What Do Suicidal Thoughts Look Like?

As said earlier, every person's feelings are different; how they feel is different, and suicidal thoughts are also different, which varies from person to person. Be it in any terms, things differ, but what's more important is how one comes out or its outcomes. 

The feeling of being trapped somewhere, from where one cannot come out, no matter how much effort put in; when one finds themselves being stuck somewhere, thoughts of suicide arrive, with the thought that it will make them free.

When a person feels disconnected from their surroundings, despite the room being filled with millions of people, and still that person finds them alone depressed. When a person is entirely free of things but still feels depressed, it is as if something is making them tired, keeping them burdened with some unseen, unheard responsibility.

And like this, there are many more outcomes from where a person starts feeling like committing suicide.

How to Cope with Suicidal Thoughts?

But as we know, this is the wrong way or should be stated as a crime to finish one's life. However, some people still want to escape such situations and live a peaceful life again. For that, there are various ways one can do that, such as by calling the suicide helpline number, where one can talk freely regarding the problem leading to suicide. 

Phone no. - 9152987821 (Here you can call someone you know with such feelings, or the one with the feelings can call)

The most viable way before committing it is by talking out to people around, be it a family person, friend, or any other with whom one can feel comfortable talking.

These are some of the ways one can opt to express such feelings. In the end, it's this one life god has given us, and even if we waste such a beautiful life, then it's wrong and disrespectful to this gift of god. One can ignore such feelings by engaging in activities, going out, or doing something which could take over the mind.

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