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Grenada Citizenship By Investment Cost: Can You Really Afford It?

The island nation of Grenada presents an illustrious opportunity for potential investors and those looking to gain dual citizenship through its citizenship-by-investment program. The beautiful Caribbean country allows foreign investors to make significant contributions to the national economy in exchange for a Grenadian passport, which affords the individual many benefits such as visa-free travel, citizenship for the entire family and subsequent future generations, as well as access to favourable business opportunities.

However, the program comes at a high price, and any prospective applicants must evaluate Grenada citizenship by investment cost before applying. This blog covers the basics of the citizenship program, as well as discusses and analyzes the Grenada citizenship by investment costs.

Grenada Citizenship by Investment Program Summarised

The Grenada Citizenship by Investment Program, spearheaded by the Grenadian government, is tailored for individuals seeking dual citizenship. Grenada stands out among the five Caribbean nations offering such a program, providing a pathway for foreign individuals to obtain a Grenadian passport in exchange for a substantial contribution to the nation's economic advancement.

Launched in 2013, the program revolves around a primary applicant making a significant investment in Grenada's economy. This investment can take one of two forms: a non-refundable contribution to Grenada's National Transformation Fund or an investment in government-approved real estate projects. Regardless of the chosen option, the contribution grants Grenadian citizenship to the primary applicant, including dependents.

The citizenship application process accommodates both single applicants and entire families. In the latter instances, the application is submitted under a primary applicant, with additional family members, such as dependent children, spouses, parents, and siblings, appended to the application for an extra fee. This family-friendly approach enhances accessibility to citizenship for a broader demographic, fostering inclusivity within the program.

Considering Grenada citizenship by investment cost, applicants must comprehensively assess the financial implications. Beyond the initial investment, there are government fees, processing charges, and associated expenses to consider. Despite this, the program offers a streamlined pathway to dual citizenship for individuals and families worldwide, attracting global talent and investment while bolstering Grenada's economic growth.

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Grenada Citizenship by Investment Cost Explained

The citizenship program offered by Grenada presents an excellent opportunity for those interested in gaining a 2nd citizenship via foreign investment. However, it is crucial to understand Grenada citizenship by investment cost as there are multiple high charges that an individual has to pay. This includes the minimum investment needed to gain eligibility for the program, as well as all other application and processing fees and any additional fee per applicant.

The minimum cost associated with the program is at least $150,000; however, this number may rise substantially with the various application fees the principal applicant must incur. Additionally, the family composition of the principal applicant also affects the total costs, as the citizenship by investment application charges an additional fee per family member added to the citizenship application.

Investment Options

The main determinant of Grenada citizenship by investment cost is the type of investment option the applicant chooses. Currently, there are two investment options to qualify for the Grenadian citizenship program: either via a one-time donation to the National Transformational Fund or via real estate investment in government-approved projects.

The fund donation option comes at a minimum investment cost of at least $150,000 per single investor and $200,000 for a family of 4. Any additional family members have to pay an additional fee per person, which can range from $25,000 to $75,000.

The second option, which is citizenship by investing in real estate, is a substantially more expensive route. This alternative route involves the applicant making a real estate purchase of at least $220,000 in government-approved projects. This includes real estate developments such as resorts, hotels, villas, or spas. Additionally, suppose one goes for the real estate option. In that case, they have to make an additional minimum non-refundable contribution of $50,000 in government fees, thereby significantly increasing the Grenada citizenship by investment cost. Furthermore, this government fee of $50,000 also rises if there are more than three additional dependents in the family.

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Fees and Add-On Expenses

A whole host of additional costs are included in the Grenada citizenship by investment cost. These costs range from various charges to additional fees per family member in the application. Let's take a look at some of these fees.

Diligence Fees: This fee is used to run diligence checks on each applicant. This includes checking past criminal records and running background checks. The fee is $5,000 each for all applicants over the age of 17 and is an additional cost separate from the minimum investment amount.

Application Processing Fees: This fee is needed to submit and process the application. It is $1,500 for each applicant over 18 and $500 for each applicant under 18.

Interview Fees: The government of Grenada conducts a mandatory interview with each applicant over the age of 17 in the application, and the fee is $1,000 per family member in the application.

Passport Fees: This is the fee needed to issue the passport upon approval of the application. It is $250 per person in the application.

Oath Fees: A $20 oath fee is charged per applicant to facilitate the oath-taking, which is part of the initiation ceremony for becoming an official citizen of Grenada.

Additionally, while there is a fixed minimum investment of $150,000 and $220,000 for each investment option, this amount rises with each additional dependant added to the application. In the case of the donation option, a single investor pays $150,000, and a fixed amount of $200,000 is set for a family of 4 (married couple and two children). However, if the primary applicant wishes to add dependant parents onto the application, they may do so for a fee of $25,000 if the parent is above 55 years of age and $50,000 if the parent is under 55 years of age. Further, unmarried siblings under the age of 30 may also be added to the application for a fee of $75,000.

Similarly, the total Grenada citizenship by investment cost rises in the real estate route in case of additional dependents. While the $220,000 minimum stays the same regardless of the number of applicants, the government fee of $50,000 rises with each extra dependant added. The fee remains at $50,000 for a maximum of 4 family members. It rises at a rate of $25,000 for additional children and parents over the age of 55, $50,000 for parents below the age of 55, and $75,000 for any additional sibling.

Furthermore, the Grenadian law prohibits applicants from directly submitting their applications, and they may only do so via a licensed agent. The charges of these agents must also be accommodated when calculating the total Grenada citizenship by investment cost, along with the abovementioned charges that the government requires.

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In conclusion, understanding Grenada citizenship by investment cost is paramount for prospective applicants considering this opportunity. The program offers a pathway to dual citizenship through significant economic contributions, with investment options including donations to the National Transformation Fund or real estate investments.

However, the associated costs extend beyond the initial investment, encompassing various application fees, processing charges, agent charges, and additional expenses per applicant. As such, thorough financial planning and assessment are imperative to ensure affordability and transparency throughout the application process. By comprehensively evaluating Grenada citizenship by investment cost, individuals can make informed decisions regarding their investment and citizenship aspirations.


How Powerful is the Grenada Passport?

The Grenada passport holds significant power and offers visa-free or visa-on-arrival access to over 140 countries worldwide, including the United Kingdom, European Union Schengen Area, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Russia. This makes it one of the most powerful passports in the Caribbean region, providing extensive travel opportunities for its holders.

Additionally, Grenada is an E-2 treaty country with the United States, allowing Grenadian passport holders to apply for the coveted American E-2 visa, facilitating business and investment activities in the U.S.

Do Grenadians Need a Visa for the USA?

Yes, Grenadians need a visa to enter the United States. However, Grenada is one of the few countries participating in the USA E-2 Treaty Investor Visa program. This program allows citizens of Grenada to apply for an E-2 visa, which grants them the ability to enter and work in the United States based on a substantial investment in an American business. The E-2 visa is particularly advantageous as it allows Grenadian citizens to conduct business and reside in the United States for an extended period, providing opportunities for investment and entrepreneurship.

What is the Cheapest Citizenship in the Caribbean?

The cheapest citizenship option in the Caribbean typically varies based on individual circumstances and preferences. Currently, the cheapest citizenship by investment programs in the Caribbean include those offered by Dominica and St. Lucia. These programs generally require minimum investments starting from around $100,000, making them more affordable than other Caribbean nations.

However, the minimum investment amount is set to rise to $200,000 all across the Caribbean in June 2024. This includes Grenada and will then make the Grenada citizenship by investment cost the same as Dominica and St. Lucia.

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