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Syed Muhammad Imran Momina, also known as Emu, is a versatile pianist and a founding member of the band Fuzon. He started playing at 19 and later established his recording and mixing studio for jam sessions.

Emu, a self-taught Fuzoneer, possesses exceptional music arrangement skills and melodic experimentation. As a charismatic keyboard exponent, he plays a pivotal role in creating Fuzon’s distinct and memorable music.

Fuzon, co-founded by Emu and lead guitarist Shallum Xavier, thrives on musical experimentation and collaboration, reflected in their name “Fuzon.” They have become a musical sensation, breaking boundaries and setting records in the Pakistani and Indian music scene.

With their first album, “Saagar,” Fuzon gained immense popularity for blending pop melodies with Pakistani classical and folk vocals. The track “Aakhon Kay Saagar” marked their rise to fame in Pakistan.

In the past decade, Fuzon’s unique blend of exquisite melodies and pop/rock instrumentation has carved a niche in the music industry at home and abroad.

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The recurring issue of floods in Pakistan has caused immense devastation, displacing over 33 million people and claiming thousands of lives. The impact on communities is far-reaching, affecting livelihoods and creating a collective sense of tragedy that will be felt for generations.

In this episode, Rajan Nazran delves into the importance of community engagement and the empathy needed to create a better world for all in the wake of foreign aid and support. Syed Muhammed Imran Momina, an influential figure and artist from the band Fuzon, joins the discussion. Imran has been responsible for spearheading initiatives that empower communities and advocate for transformative measures in the face of climate change.

Climate change plays a significant role in the increased frequency and intensity of floods, making it crucial to address the urgent need for change. Imran actively promotes awareness about climate change and advocates for sustainable practices to mitigate the impact of floods.

Imran’s organisation focuses on providing immediate relief to affected communities, distributing essential supplies like food, clean water, and medicine to those in distress. Their efforts aim to ensure that the most vulnerable individuals are not left behind in the face of such disasters.

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Script by Rajan Nazran
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