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Sandhya Dusk Devi is a dynamic communications specialist, an innovative ideas generator, and a visionary creative director. With a versatile skill set as a writer, journalist, editor, and photographer, she excels in multiple domains. As a seasoned publicist and media liaison, Sandhya is a master at building connections and fostering relationships.

At 52, she proudly represents and empowers Older Brown Women in Visual Media, making her mark as a model and influential brand ambassador. Additionally, Sandhya is an enthusiastic researcher, dedicated podcaster, and captivating news presenter.

About the Show

Just over a month after the elections in Fiji, a sense of anxious curiosity permeates the air among locals and within the diaspora. The lingering pain and trauma from the 1987 coups, juxtaposed with the new Prime Minister’s past, evoke irony and reflection.¬†

In this episode, Rajan Nazran, Aaisha Khan, and Sandhya Dusk Devi delve into the hopes and reflections surrounding this significant chapter in Fiji’s history.

Open discussions and reflections on the past have gained momentum, leading to questions about Fijian cultural identity and its significance to the people. Despite extensive research, the question¬† “What makes me Fijian?” remains challenging for individuals.

Devi’s intimate insights offer a unique perspective, exploring her connections to Fiji, societal norms, and the concept of a motherland for descendants of Indian indentured labourers. Her experiences unveil the intricate web of connections and identity in Fiji, highlighting the challenges faced by Indo-Fijian women in a post-coup society.

As the new government, led by the figure responsible for the coups, emerges, an opportunity for change presents itself. With hope and determination, Fiji can redefine itself and foster a society where every individual, regardless of background, finds a sense of belonging.

Produced by Global Indian Series for the Global Indian Network.

Script by Rajan Nazran
original idea: Rajan Nazran

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