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Meet Suleiman Bulbulia, a passionate advocate for nation-building and social causes in Barbados. He profoundly appreciates the sacrifices his ancestors made, who dedicated their lives to shaping a strong and independent country. With humble roots and a foundation in faith, family, and community, Suleiman began at Christ Church Foundation School and continued at the University of the West Indies, where his dedication to inclusivity and harmony took root.

Despite facing adversity, discrimination, and hate, Suleiman remained steadfast in his mission to bridge communities divided by race and religion. He envisions a Barbados where everyone lives as their brother and sister’s keeper, working together in cooperation and support. His belief in the boundless potential and strength of the Barbadian people transcends the size of the island, a philosophy he carries proudly while representing Barbados globally.

Currently serving as the Muslim Chaplain at the University of the West Indies, Cave Hill Campus and Secretary of the Barbados Muslim Association since 2000, Suleiman represents the interests of the Islamic faith and Muslims in various capacities. He is a respected member of several regional and international organisations, representing Barbados at conferences worldwide.

Beyond his religious roles, Suleiman contributes to Barbados through his weekly columns for Barbados Today and his involvement on multiple government-appointed boards. He chairs the Barbados Childhood Obesity Prevention Coalition and delivers thought-provoking lectures on Islam, Muslims, and diverse cultures at prominent institutions.

Suleiman Bulbulia, an honours graduate in Management Studies from the University of the West Indies, expertly manages a prominent fabric and home furnishing company. Furthermore, he serves as a Justice of the Peace, firmly dedicated to his roles as a husband and proud father of two daughters and a son.

Through his unwavering commitment to community, faith, and national development, Suleiman Bulbulia continues to impact Barbados significantly.

About the Show

The concept of identity is constantly evolving. People from different backgrounds and cultures are redefining their identities and embracing the diversity within society. In this episode, Rajan Nazran meets an individual who has significantly impacted this changing landscape, Suleiman Bulbulia, a trailblazer hailing from the beautiful island of Barbados.

Rajan and Bulbulia delve into the ongoing aspect of identity. For them, identity is a multifaceted concept encompassing various aspects of an individual’s life. It includes their cultural background, ethnicity, language, beliefs, values, and experiences. Identity is not static; it evolves and adapts over time, influenced by personal growth and external factors. Bulbulia’s vision is to create a platform where Barbadians from all walks of life can celebrate their shared heritage while embracing their individuality. By breaking down barriers and promoting dialogue, he encourages a sense of unity and acceptance, thereby redefining what it means to be Barbadian in the modern era.

They take a deep dive into whether Barbados navigates the changing face of identity and whether redefining what it means to be Barbadian in the 21st century is essential. No longer confined to traditional stereotypes, Barbadian identity is evolving to embrace diversity, inclusivity, and global interconnectedness. The journey of self-discovery and self-expression is ongoing, with individuals like Suleiman Bulbulia leading the way to build the community relation between India and Barbados.

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