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All You Need to Know About Slovenian Dual Citizenship

In recent years, Slovenia has increased in popularity among foreigners looking to relocate not only temporarily but also to make Slovenia their permanent residence. By getting Slovene citizenship, outsiders get the valuable chance to live in a European nation situated in the focal point of Europe. Besides, it offers a reasonable cost for many everyday items — the best part is the ownership of an EU passport. Slovenian dual citizenship is a point that has acquired consideration because of the changing strategies and guidelines in Slovenia.

Slovenian Citizenship

If you are an immediate relative of a Slovenian citizen, your Slovenian citizenship status can be enlisted in Slovenia (through affirmation or naturalization). Slovenia permits citizenship by family up to the second era (grandparents).

This suggests you are qualified to get Slovenian citizenship and have a second identification that permits you to openly live, work, and concentrate in any of the 28 EU countries.

Eligibility Requirements of Slovenian Citizenship

You must meet the eligibility requirements for one of the following citizenship routes to obtain Slovenian citizenship:

  • Citizenship by birth.
  • Descent into citizenship
  • Citizenship by naturalization.
  • Marriage-based citizenship
  • Citizenship by venture.

Slovene Citizen by Birth

If a kid is born in Slovenia and no less than one of the guardians is a Slovenian resident, the kid naturally has Slovenian citizenship. A child born outside of Slovenia may be treated as a Slovenian citizen if:

  • Both of the youngster's folks are Slovenian residents.
  • One of the guardians is a Slovenian resident, and the other is stateless.
  • The kid has yet to have any other citizenship in advance.
  • Note: If a Slovenian resident takes on a kid, they can get Slovenian citizenship.

Citizenship Through Descent

Up to the second era of direct descent, you may be regarded as a relative of Slovenian beginning.

If you register for your right to Slovenian citizenship before the age of 36, you can get Slovenian citizenship by descent. You should likewise offer different family documentation confirming your predecessor's Slovenian citizenship.

Citizenship by Naturalisation

Slovene settlers and those wedded to Slovenes are qualified for sped-up naturalization. Most different settlers can hope to remain in Slovenia for quite some time before applying to procure citizenship. Slovene citizenship candidates should pass through a Slovenian language assessment.

On a fundamental level, Slovenia expects naturalizing residents to surrender their past identity except if the Slovenian government makes an extraordinary exemption in light of convincing reasons.

Kindly note that for Slovenian citizenship through standard naturalization, you additionally need to meet the accompanying prerequisites:

  • You have monetary soundness.
  • You have sufficient information on the Slovene language for essentially fundamental correspondence. You can give a declaration that you have finished an essential Slovene language test.
  • You have verification of no criminal record.
  • You have verification that your citizenship application doesn't compromise people in general and the state.
  • You have confirmation of covered charges.
  • You make a vow to regard the Constitution of Slovenia and its requests.

Citizenship by Marriage

Union with a Slovenian local likewise gives one of the speediest ways to citizenship in Europe; you have to show that you've been married to a Slovenian for quite a long time and have lived in the country for one year before applying for citizenship. You will have to speak Slovenian; however, you ought to approach free mentoring 24 hours per day, seven days per week.

To be qualified for this choice, you should submit many archives preceding your wedding, including:

  • Birth Certificate
  • Affirmation that you are single.
  • Affirmation that your nation licenses you to wed abroad.
  • A passport (or proof of citizenship): You must inform the wedding registrar of your plans once you have decided to wed. This is because marriages in Slovenia are open to the public and take place on government property.

Various Cases to Qualify to Gain Slovenian Citizenship

Numerous people meet all requirements for getting Slovenian citizenship through drop on the off chance that their folks or grandparents were brought into the world in Slovenia. Coming up next are a few cases:

Case 1: Enlistment of a kid (younger than 18): A kid conceived abroad to no less than one Slovenian resident right now of birth.

He acquires Slovenian citizenship as long as he is registered as such by the age of 18.

Case 2: Grown-up enlistment (age 18 to 36): You were conceived abroad to no less than one Slovenian resident at the hour of your birth.

Before 18, you were not registered for Republic of Slovenia citizenship.

If you apply for Slovenian citizenship before the age of 36, you can get it.

Case 3: Unprecedented naturalization (more than 36): You are no longer eligible to register for Slovenian citizenship because you are over 36.

Slovenian was at least one of your grandparents or parents.

Documents Required for Slovenian Dual Citizenship

If qualified for one of the referenced cases, you should gather different documents before starting the extended application methodology. These documents are as follows:

  • The Slovene citizenship application form must be finished.
  • Applicable Birth certificates demonstrating Slovenian parentage
  • Applicable marriage certificate (s)
  • Passport

Possibility of Having Slovenian Dual Citizen

Slovenia is one of the European nations with a stricter double citizenship strategy. At the point when you have obtained Slovenian citizenship, you should revoke unfamiliar citizenship except if one of the accompanying circumstances is met:

  • You can show that your current location does not allow you to give up your citizenship.
  • You can show that accomplishing Slovenian citizenship naturally brings about the deficiency of your ongoing ethnicity.
  • You can show that your current country of residence has yet to decide to take away your citizenship.

In addition, you can maintain your Slovenian Citizenship status if:

  • You wed a citizen of Slovenia.
  • You have no state.
  • You have exile status.
  • You are either an expat from Slovenia or a member of the Slovenian family.
  • You have lost your Slovenian citizenship because of your intentional delivery.
  • You were brought into the world in Slovenia and have lived there as long as you can remember.

Slovene Citizen Test

To get Slovenian citizenship, you should affirm your Slovene language abilities. To have regular conversations, you should have a fundamental comprehension of Slovenian. You should likewise see a few fundamental realities about the country.

You can browse various grown-up-gaining offices that care for individuals from different nations to secure the essentials of citizenship. The program's underlying enlistment is free, yet you should pay for movement, concentrate on materials, and different charges.

When you are prepared to take the test, you should request the Slovenian managerial substance that leads the test. After finishing the test, you will be given an endorsement of completion. Nonetheless, to apply and get your testament, you must pay €22.60.

Benefits of Slovene Citizenship

A few advantages that Slovenian citizens offer are:

  • The capacity to study and work in other European nations.
  • Admittance to an EU visa.
  • The possibility of holding dual citizenship and the capacity to lead a contented life.
  • Admittance to all-inclusive medical care


An individual might secure Slovenian dual citizenship by birth or naturalization if they dwell in Slovenia for a ceaseless reason for the endorsed timeframe. There is likewise a process of exceptional naturalization, which permits Slovenian citizenship to be gained under less rigid circumstances, where citizenship is in the public interest - specifically, where there are legitimate scholar/logical, monetary, social, public, or comparable grounds.


Is it hard to get citizenship in Slovenia?

An individual might secure Slovenian citizenship by naturalization after fulfilling the accompanying circumstances: a sum of 10 years home in Slovenia, including 5 years constant home before the application, renunciation of foreign citizenship (or giving verification it will consequently be lost) and being skilled in Slovene.

What are the benefits of a Slovenian passport?

Some benefits of Slovenian citizenship are the ability to work and study in other European countries, access to an EU passport, and a Slovenian dual citizenship (in some cases).

How do I get permanent residency in Slovenia?

Outsiders who have dwelled in Slovenia consistently for quite a long time can apply for a durable home license.

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